Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Plano Times

Hola haha! So, this week went by way fast!!! We have been working hard and the Spanish is coming slowly but surely. Things in Plano are moving slow but we are trying to pick this area up because it desperately needs it. I have to say I really like mexicans BUT I don't like it when they lie to us!ha I think the reason I like them so much is that their food is just so good I can't get enough of it! We were going to do a follow up in the sisters area that is seriously Mexico like, there are no white people, so we went to do a follow up for the sisters, and when we got there, these other guys were cooking Tacados next door. So we walked by and knocked on the door a few time and no answer so then we were walking past the guys cooking again and I told them the food smelled wayyy good, the man then asked if we wanted some so we were happy to oblige and I'm soooooooo glad we did!  This guy turns out to be a cook and he made this sauce that we had with it and man o man talk about the best sauce I've ever had!!! Well we ate some of their food and talked about the gospel for a little bit then we went to dinner with a member which wasn't as good, but hey its okay,ha!  So Mexicans are way nice! We've had something like that happen more than once, one lady actually ran out of her house to get us to come eat with them:)haha! We must have looked hungry!ha So things on the food side of life are going great here. Finding Mexicans that are really interested is the more difficult part but we'll find them!! 
 Since I've been here I've learned a few things besides Spanish.  A few of the things are that santan is a PUNK, man that guy... I have a few words of love for him! (I think that might affect him more than words of hate ever would), but ya, he likes to make things difficult. I've learned that Mexicans are very very nice.  Almost as nice as Asians but not quite. haha. I've learned that there is a lot that I can't control so instead of wasting my time with things I can't control I've begun to focus even more on the things I can control like my attitude and being obedient!  Most of all out of all the things I've learned and this isn't even the half of them, but I think the thing I've learned most of all so far is; GOD is in CONTROL. Everything happens on His time which is whenever he needs you. This one has been tough for me because of Spanish, I feel I pray for patience a lot and find myself expecting it right then, ha and being like the cookie monster "I WANT COOKIE NOW" haha so i've had to be still, have to remember that I am on the Lords' time and I am where the Lord wants me to be in every aspect of my life. So it's been great out here. I really love it and can't wait to help PLANO turn around! Well until next time A Dios MI FAMILIA

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