Friday, June 29, 2012

June 25, 2012

Hey mom!! 
It's good to hear from you. Well I have to teach my companion some more Spanish and also show him how some things are done. I also need to finish up the next 6 week program with him so that will be fun!! He is great!  His name is Elder Wilson and he is from California. I am defiantly going to go see him after the mission! We are working great together and things  are going good:)  It sounds like y'all had a fun time;) ha or not! Sorry to hear about that! Well, so I'm in Oak Cliff South. It is a nice place full of humble people ready to hear the gospel! I'm way excited!  My Spanish will defiantly improve here, I can already feel the Lord helping me a ton with my Spanish !  I love how it says God will qualify who he calls, and I can defiantly feel that right  now back up training and having to help an Elder with his Spanish! Well mom I have to go but I love ya tons and I hope y'all have a great week and tell the boys congrats on all that the're doing and that I love them too and I pray for y'all always!!
Love Elder Henze

Hey dad!!
 I really have been seeing God help me with back up training this Elder.  The Lord has really been helping with my Spanish and I only have Him to thank because I know that I wouldn't be able to do it alone! Well dad sorry the fishing was a bust! I can't wait for the bike ride when I get home:) My new companion is from California and he is way cool! I defiantly want to go see him after the mission!   Well dad I'm sorry this letter is short, but I have to go. These computers are crazy! Well dad love ya tons, take it easy and don't forget to pray! :) 

Love Elder Henze

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

June 18, 2012

WOW!!!!! is about all I can say about this week!!

 So, the baptisms we had on Saturday went great except I had to do Roman twice because I didn't put him all the way under the first time.ha ha oops! More practice I guess!! Besides that it went great! This week we reached what they call the "Standards of Excellence".  That is some goals that are put in place for us to strive for and really stretch. Well, this week we completed it! Actually we destroyed it!! We had 2 people confirmed and 1 investigator with a baptism date, 3 investigators at church, 14 total lessons taught and 71 people contacted! That was  way exciting!! This week has been very good and we have really seen some miracles. We had a specialized training in Spanish that was way better than the first time because I could actually understand this time! And I could talk pretty darn good too!   I was impressed! So we had a great baptism on Saturday then that night I got what I wished I wouldn't have, and that is a call to leave Plano!!!  My new area will be Oak Cliff South and I will be BACK UP TRAINING!!!!!!!!  It's pretty nerve racking!!  I must be needed somewhere else! Yesterday (Sunday), I confirmed Roman a member of the church and gave him the holy ghost, in Spanish.  Now it wasn't fluffy and beautiful but it was done as the spirit directed with the Spanish that I know.ha! So that was a very wonderful experience. I'm really going to miss Plano and the people here. Quite a few members gave me their info so I could keep in touch with them and President Cano (the branch president),  really wants me to get in touch with him.  He said if I need anything to give him a call and he'll be there for me.ha!  He's such a great guy!  Defiantley someone who I look up to a lot here. I call him "Mi Padre Del Plano!" ha!! which means "My Father Of Plano".ha!  I have a lot to be thankful for here and a lot of people who have changed my life. I can't wait to come back some day and see everyone. So this week has been really busy! Oh and this Plano zone no longer exists it is now a district and the zone covers 5 or 6 counties now, ITS HUGE!!!! Oh in my new area I will be driving.  That's pretty exciting! Well I don't have much to say besides what's been said. I really am grateful to have been in Plano for so long and all that I've learned here and everyone who I've been able to help. I know that where I am going is where the Lord wants me and he will protect me wherever I go, and that all things are for my experience. Thank you for your loving words I revive every week they help me so much and I can't thank you enough!! Love you have a great week!!
Love Elder Henze
 Until We Meet Again 
Hey mom it sounds like y'all have just been having to much fun!!! Gosh I love the pictures I miss the mountains soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!!!! I'm glad you had such a great time at camp. Thank you for the picture of the Windous family that was way nice:)  Can you apologize to the  Moores' for me I feel so bad I haven't written them.  I have just been so busy I really don't have any time on P-days to really write anyone:( so I'm really sorry!  How is sister Moore on her weight??
How are you doing mom?? Do you have a goal and a plan to accomplish that goal? How did the camp go; like how was it run as far as lessons and things? Did you learn anything new? I'm asking way to many questions!! Can you let everyone know that I am changing addresses and to not send me anything to Rio Grande Dr. anymore.  Can you get a hold of Kylie Dawn McKee and tell her I will write her back next Monday with my new address. Holy changing areas is a hassle!ha!  Well mom thanks for the letter and the pictures I have to go for this week but I'll let ya know how things are next week. I love ya tons!!!
Love Elder Henze
Until We Meet Again

June 11, 2012

Dear MOM!!
 Sounds like Carl is making quite the improvements that's good to hear!  I can't believe how fast the sports seasons go! I really have lost track of time out here, I almost forgot it has been 6 months. Man that is a long time! ha ha but it has gone by so fast!! Oh and transfers are coming up. I will find out this Saturday where I will be going or if I will be staying! We'll see. So I have some good news mom this weekend I was asked by Roman, one of our investigators, if I can baptize him on the 16th!  I'm so excited and so stinking nervous!! Not so much for the baptism part but for the confirmation part.  I really have to put my faith in the Lord that he will help me with that one.ha ha! Well soon this area will not be so down. We have 2 baptisms on the 16th and a baptism on the 23rd and on the 30th, if all goes well! So the Lord has really blessed us! I just hope I'm still here for the on on the 23 and the 30th. I don't know, I might be leaving, but we'll see!ha!  I can't wait to hear how girls camp goes mom.  I am so excited for you!! And Trevor, holy crap, already  got his mission call! That is crazy!!  I won't lie I am jealous that he gets to go to Mexico, I still really wish I was out of the country but that's probably not a good thing to think. I don't feel like my testimony is growing to much or if I'm even changing. I don't know, it's frustrating.  I feel like I'm so focused on Spanish I'm missing the miracles around me. I need to balance that better I think.  How is Danny I haven't heard from him in a while?? Oh and I was thinking about Stephan Burdick the other day.  What happened with him?  Is he a member yet? I should have referred him to the missionaries but I didn't really know how so it's really easy you can have Carl do it. Have him go to the missionaries and tell them where he lives and who he is and that is really about it.ha ha!  So if you could let me know how he is that would be nice:)
 This week we got to do some service and I got to trim some hedges and trim some trees or however you say that. That was way fun and the older couple we did it for is very well off with money, so they wouldn't let us leave without giving us snacks food oh and a 50 dollar gift card to Walmart!! For the love! ha ha! So I think I might save it for a rainy day when I run out of money and can't buy food ha ha! or maybe I'll buy that dumbbell I've been thinking about we'll see. ha ha! Well  I told y'all about a member who was in the hospital after having a really bad heart attack. Well he had a quadruple bypass which is horrible!! How crazy is that! Well, that went smoothly except now he is blind in his right eye. He is amazing.  He hasn't fussed once about it and he had quite the experience when they were working on his heart.  I will have to share with you one day that is quite interesting. Anyway this man is such a saint. It's amazing, the power we have on the earth to bless and heal the sick and afflicted both with the priesthood and with modern technology. Well mom I hope your girls camp goes well and I hope that cot works good for you!!:)  Mom I best get going. I love you a ton and I want you to know how grateful I am to have you as my mom!
P.S. if anyone is going to send me anything to the address here make sure it is sent by tomorrow or I probably wont get it, if I'm leaving. Just so y'all know
Love Elder Henze

June 4, 2012

Oh mom I love the pictures thank you so much!! Well time is a little limited today. We went out "mountain biking" and I must say man I miss getting out and sweating and bleeding, gosh home was nice!!ha ha! Well I just met the CEO of Cinemark! Yep that's right probably where you guys went and watched all those movies that I'm so jealous about! He has a way nice bike and he is soooo tight!!  The ride was good.  I had one pretty sweet crash! That is one thing I have to buy when I get home is a helmet camera so I can capture all of those awesome moments!!ha ha!  I'm glad Darcy did so great, that is fantastic!!  I love the pictures I think I said that but that's how much I love them!!  I did get the memory card back so no need to worry I think it will be a while until I send any back because ! bought a 2 16 and WOW!! I have a lot of space! They had a great deal so I had to!! ha!  Well mom I best get going I hope you like my pictures I sent you today. I hope you have a great week and you have so much to share with those young women you have no idea! Keep smiling mom!! Love you tons!!!!!!!!
Love Elder Henze

Until We Meet Again

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

May 28, 2012

Hey Mom!! How ya doing today!!! Hope you had a great day! This week has been pretty good we have been seeing quite a few miracles happen here with families coming out of no where showing up at church on Sunday and wanting to know more!! It's Fantastic! Tons of blessings and I'm sooo grateful!! Well I've been thinking lately how is Kiley Dawn McKee? I've been wondering how she has been doing and I want to write her so if you could find out her info for me that would be great!!  Do you Remember the Book that Brother Gublers mom made for him? I was wondering if you could get me those stories and poems that he has? Could you thank Carl for the calender, I really like it!! So we have a couple baptism dates set with Roman and Issac. They are way great and I like them a lot! We played soccer with them today and with the whole branch I must say I did pretty darn good for being a gringo playing with a bunch of Mexicans!ha ha! They are way cool and we had a blast!! Now I wont lie and say I'm not sore! ha! I'm defiantly going to feel it in the morning!!ha ha! So this week has been great for us and we are really seeing the Lord work wonders here and I can't thank Him enough! Well mom I hope all is well at home and that family home evenings are happening and hope the boys are doing good in their sports and going to finish the year strong!!  Take care mom and I hope I hear from you next week. love you tons!!

Love Elder Henze

Hey thanks dad!!! for the emails! That's exciting you and mom drew out!! I was actually just talking to a member on Sunday about hunting and how I miss going into the mountains with my dad and hunting and just having a good old time! Man I miss those days! ha! But it's all good.  This week was pretty good we have had some miracles the last few weeks with families showing up that we don't know that just all of a sudden showed up and wanted to know about our church! I mean it has been so great and a huge blessing!!  I was thinking this week how is Jeff doing and how is your friend doing, the one we went and rode motorcycles with? I hope they're doing well. So y'all have been getting SNOW!! What the heck! How does that happen?ha ha! I guess that's just Ely for ya. Well dad I hope you have a great week and I miss ya a ton and the good times we had riding bikes and going hunting! Love ya tons dad have a great week!!

Love Elder Henze

Monday, June 18, 2012

May 21, 2012 - 2

Hey Dad
Thanks for the letter!ha ha I wouldn't worry too much about Carl's butt hitting me if I could see him arch better over the bar!!ha ha but that's great! I hope he reaches that goal! Sounds like mom and Luke had a good time!ha I can't wait to hear about the Snake and the Lizard that sounds pretty exciting!ha That's nice you didn't have to wear a coat to the track meet that was horrible when I went!!ha Oh the good old weather of Ely. I think my comp is sick and tired of me turning the temperature down to about 45 every night. ha ha I can't sleep when it's hot and I am just miserable when I can't sleep. So every morning when we wake up he is freezing hahahahahahaha!! Man I miss the nice cool weather.ha! Ohand you'll be happy to know I finally found someone here in Plano that has the same bike as me! I have been looking ever since I got here and I finally found it, so I had my companion stop the car and I took a picture. Well I could feel someones presence when I was taking the picture and looking at the bike, so I turned and looked up and sure enough there was a guy and his wife watching me. I kindly said "Well hello is this your bike Sir?" he replied in a little bit of a off guard reply "yes" I told him " It is an amazing machine I have one at home in Nevada." Then he realized I was not there to take his bike or anything so his wife went inside then he said he would be right back.  I waited, he came down to the bike where I was standing and we had a great talk about the bike and the trips I took with you and how much fun it was and how I saw a bear, and we just had a great conversation. He told me about a website that is way great to go check out if you have time, to let you know really anything you want to about the bike from everyone in the world that owns a V-Storm it's called so that should be pretty cool. So that was a great experience. Oh and I thought you would like to know the guy that fought in the Nagasaki Tournament ended up not placing and this is why. He fought his first 2 fights and just owned the guys! Well the 3rd person he fought was way big and way way good he said but he only lost by 1 point to his competitor. Well the Judges did a back ground check on the guy that our friend fought.  It turns out that the guy lied and cheated to get into a lower weight and skill bracket so that he could have a better chance of winning!! So that guy has been disqualified and kicked out of the Nagasaki Tournaments for life. This put our friend in a bad spot because the champion match had just happened when they found this out and they gave the guy the medal and everything already and they wouldn't let him fight the guy who won so they didn't let him have a shot at first place!  He did receive a lot of recognition from a lot of other trainers for the fight he lost because I guess this guy was way big and way good and our friend lost by just 1 point so they saw how good our friend is and how dedicated he is so that was really good he is staying really positive about the whole thing.  In my book he won in every way. So that was way cool! Also I was coming out of Walmart the other day and this guy and I think his wife was loading things into the car when I saw a chiropractic table in his truck. I then asked are you a chiropractor and he said yes I am. I then had a good conversation with him about where he went to school and I got a card. So I might hit him up one day while I'm here. ha ha!  So there has been a lot of good things happening this week and I'm really grateful for all that has been going on here. We now have 4 baptism dates set so that is way way way exciting and they are awesome!! I will tell mom a story that she can share with you because I've got to go and write her so ask her about the man in the hospital. It's a great experience that happened to me this week. Well dad I love you tons and I hope you have a great time working and taking care of the family.

Love Elder Henze

Until We Meet Again

May 21,2012

Oh those pictures are great!! and by the way YES I did receive your package and yes everything is delisiouso and I love the superman balloon and the pictures of the mountains! Oh it is so nice to look at them before I go to bed every night! I'm glad you liked my videos and I hope you got my Mothers day cards. if not they will be there soon.:)ha I'm way happy for Carl that is great and Luke, sounds like they killed that team you could have probably gone home and taken another nap!!hahaha! Well I'll tell you a little about my week. One story in particular. We received a call on Friday from Elders outside of our area that asked us if we could go to the hospital in our area and give this man a Priesthood blessing. So we called and let  the man know we would be coming in the hour.  So we got there and he told us about the last few months leading up to this point, so here it goes. His wife died about 9 moths ago, she was a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  He thought that he could get over his depression by drinking and smoking. Well all that did was wind him up in the hospital that same month his wife died, and for the past 9 months he has visited the hospital every month because he can't breathe. He doesn't drink or smoke anymore. Well so when we got there I thought well I better bless the family that they can handle his passing, but as I started the blessing rather choppy and not so well, I felt it was not his time to go yet. So I blessed him that he would have health, and there is still something he needs to do before going home. Well he was very grateful and I told him to hold in there and to have faith. The next day the daughter called us and told us he looks worse but he says he feels a little better. He had been on my mind ever since the blessing so I decided that we needed to go back to the hospital and invite him to take the lessons and ultimately be baptized.  We got there and I asked him if he would like to take the lessons, he replied "yes".  A few minutes later he asked me with his oxygen mask on fighting for the words, "what do I need to do to be with my wife again" I was happy to tell him. We had a great conversation. We will have to refer him to the English Elders because well, he speaks English.  I will defiantly keep an eye on how he is doing. That has been one of the great blessing I have received this week. Well mom I have to get going but I hope you like these pictures and keep smiling:) Take care of yourself mom I love you!
Love Your son Elder Henze With a side of SUNSHINE:)ha ha
Until We Meet Again

May 14, 2012

Hey mom!! I can't tell you how happy I was to be able to talk to you too. I'm sorry if I seemed a little negative towards my comp. I feel I didn't say to many good things about him so I figured I could tell you what he has taught me sense we've been together. Well first of all he has taught me patience.  He has taught me to find the good in people when it might be hard to see. He has taught me to be happy in opposition and to communicate my feelings more. The list can go on and on, the fact of the matter is that he has taught me a lot and I don't give him enough credit for all he has done for me. So I don't want y'all to think he is a bad guy or I just have a horrible relationship with him because that's not true at all. I hope you and the boys can see that. I still have a lot to learn from him and so that is why we are still together I think and for me that is fine because it's only going to help me grow and help us be better friends in the long run.  I love my companion Elder Virrueta!!! ha!  So a little about the week that I didn't get to tell you because I forgot.ha ha oops! Well we have had quite the week. One of our members had a heart attack and drove home and called up the President and he asked us to go give him a blessing.  Well after the blessing Elder V and I went back to check on him to see how he was doing and if they were going to go to the hospital like we told him to do. Well we got there and he still hadn't gone and didn't want to go and he was doing a lot better than what he was doing but still he wasn't doing good. We came by the next day and he was sleeping, and the wife told us he went to the hospital and they gave him pills to help him sleep. Well it turns out they didn't go to the doctor they just went and got sleeping pills! So when we passed by on Sunday we checked with him to find out when he was going to the hospital. Well, he said he has an appointment for Monday(5-14-12).  The president went by later and forced him to go to the hospital and when they got him into the hospital they did the first tests on him for people that have experienced a heart attack.  Well within 10 min he was in the back getting open heart surgery!! So today we are going to stop by and see him.  I guess the first surgery the angioplasty or whatever they call it didn't work so they are probably going to have to cut him open again and try something new. So that has been really intense! Also this week for Mothers day we took cookies to all the less active moms and this one that we are teaching, her family when we gave it to her started to cry because we had remembered her on Mothers day.  That was way nice and I felt way good about that. I feel those are the times I am really making the most of my mission is when I can see that the love that we show people affect their lives and how grateful they are.  Well mom I love ya tons and I best get going.  I LOVE  the picture of me in the MOUNTAINS!!haha thanks again!!
Love Elder Henze
Until We Meet Again

May 7 2012

Hey mom I know I'm emailing early but just so you know I am staying here in Plano again so it will be another 6 weeks, and I have the same companion as well. I will call you in the morning on Mothers day to let you know what time I can really call you and talk so if you don't answer don't worry I will leave a message for the time to be on skype so I can talk with ya'll:) Well this week was okay, Spanish is a pain but I have really been seing a lot of help from the Lord when I just quit worrying about it and focus on the part that I need to learn right at that moment.  Anyway, so we have been working with less actives this last little while and I think that is what we will continue to do because it works and we are getting to know some great people.  Also we have a few new investigators from it, with part members and also with referrals.  It is way good and we are seeing some good things happening so we hope that it keeps going.  We are teaching some teenagers of a part member family and they are way great! The only thing is they will be moving in July so we are doing our best to teach them everything and babtize them before they move. We will see what happens. Well mom I best get going but I love ya a ton and I can't wait to call you on Sunday!!
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