Monday, November 26, 2012

November 26, 2012

Hey Hey MOM!!
OH WOW!! Talk about some good smoked turkey!! So this week was good we actually did really good!  It was one of our best weeks here in the area this transfer so that is really cool! Thanksgiving was a little bit of a drag on the work, nobody really wanted to hear anything. So that's fine, we just ate and helped out our members.  We helped one family in the ward put up their Christmas tree, that was fun! And a pain with all the lights, ijole!  It was a good time to spend with them. Oh and the next day that family's daughter got her mission call to California!! It was way cool to watch her open it! It was major de javooo (don't know how to spell that word.haha) . It was really cool. I'm so glad ya'll had a goood time in Boise. I wont lie, on Thanksgiving I was thinking about ya'll a lot and what I would be doing if I was at home with ya'll. Being away really helps ya see the things you really miss. Now trust me I miss watching some movies but if I had to choose just the things that mattered to me there wouldn't be anything besides my family and the time I can spend with them! I love you mom and family!!
I can't believe that Kylie's mom had a heart attack that is crazy! Please send her my best and call kylie and tell her I miss her and her mom is in my prayers!! And grandpa is doing better that is great news and pappa sounds like he's been staying busy which is good. OH, LEXIE MALMROSE IS GOING TO GET MARRIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is awesome! if that's her choice I know she took it to the Lord first, so she must be doing what the Lord wants. She's awesome. She would have made an awesome missionary too.!! As for FHE keep it up that is great to hear ya'll are doing good with that. Well mom I've got to get going but I love ya tons and I hope you all are blessed with what God has in store for ya'll.
Love Elder Henze
PS what order do I do the Insanity DvD's in? I forgot but the order I have been doing it in I'll tell ya what it's working goood and my comp is dying hahahahahahaha;)gotta love it!

November 19, 2012

Hey hey Mom!!!
 How ya doing!! CONGRATZZZZZZZZ on getting your deer!! That is awesome! Good shooting ACE;)haha! Mom I love you so much you seem to have just the right things to say every time I get an Email from you!! This week has been a huge week of blessings and it would take me all day to write them out, but that's why I keep my journal up to date every day so you can read it when I get home.  I have finished one and almost finished my second. I might have to translate some of them for you but that shouldn't be to hard. So Josh Hedges and Michael got their calls to Russia and Ukraine! Well talk about an awesome mission call!! That is going to be amazing. They're going to learn a lot!! I won't lie I am a little jealous that they got to go out of the country but God sends us where he wants us. 
Oh so switch gears really quick, for Thanksgiving we are going to eat with 2 families. At one we will have smoked turkey and some other good food then the second dinner I'm not sure what we are going to eat but I know it will be good because the lady and the man are professional cooks;) I'm Excited!!! It should be a lot of fun and I'll have to send some pictures.
 Well mom I have to get going but I love you so much and I hope you're doing goood and hanging in there. Oh and how is FHE going with the family?  Mom I hope you have a great week and make sure to let the family know I miss and love them.
 I love this month I get to reflect on all the things I have in my life that bring me joy and that I'm thankful for! I love how its called Accion de gracias in Spanish.  Translated it means action of thanks. So instead of just saying I'm thankful for this and this, show it in action this Thanksgiving.  I have learned from all I have been doing and experiencing in my mission that the things I love and am most grateful for are the things I have had to work the hardest for. There is a quote that I have that Coach Wooden said and I don't know it word for word but it goes something like this, "great things take work they don't come easy, and they shouldn't, because if they did it would cheepen the value of that thing". I have really loved this quote!  For me it really fits in with Spanish. Boy, have I struggled and fought to get it down, but every time I think about it and how far I have come, how much more precious that language is to me and how much I just want to share that with whoever I come in contact with because it means something to me. I love you so much mom.  I love the family so much!  I am so grateful for you and dad and for all of my brothers and sisters, uncles and aunts, cousins, Grandma and Grandpa, Nana and Papa and especially my neices and nephews!! Thank you all!!! I love you soo much! May God bless ya'll this day of accion de gracias!!
Ama Elder Henze

Hey paps, Thanks for what you were able to send me it's always a pleasure to get an Email from ya! So thank you so much for the package I forgot to tell mom I got it and I love it. I am very excited to use the dvds and that new supplement looks pretty interesting.  I can't wait to see how it works! Well dad, so mom got her deer huh!! That is way exciting news!! I'm getting some jerky for Christmas right!?haha! Anyway I'm glad mom was able to fill out her tag and all went well with that.
 So really quick, this guy was putting a new door on his house, so I asked him if I could help him. He said no of course (a young man in a shirt and tie can't put a door on or somthing I don't know! )haha!  Anyway I asked what happened and he told us the house was broken into. Then he told me it happens to the best of us,  I told him that's what I hear. Then he told me it won't happen anymore, I just got a new security system, and my companion didn't really hear him, and he asked so are you going to get a security system?   The guy said yep just bought it the other day. Then my companion asked what kind?  The man said a 12 gage pump action shot gun!!hahahaha!!! I about died laughing!!  What made me laugh even more was we left and about 5 min later his daughter and her boyfriend pull up with the mom in the car. The mom gets out and says he's a great guy, he's a great guy honey your going to like him.  All I could think of is, he better like him because I know he now has a 12g pump action shot gun to look out for!!hahaha!!! It was a good laugh!  Grateful for all you do for me and I hope you and the family have a great Thanksgiving and be sure to tell mom to take pictures so I can see everybody.ha Love ya!
Love Elder Henze

November 12, 2012

Hey Mom!!
It's great hearing from you. That's fantastic that the week went so well. I'm glad Lukes birthday went good!  I'm looking to be putting somthing in the mail for him it will be cool and will fit well for the weather that ya'll are having.  I found something for dad I just couldn't pass up.  I think it will really help to bring in the holidays! You'll have to take a picture of him with it when he gets it and show me.hahaha!!! So not much to say this week we have just been working really hard preparing the fields to be harvested and have some other elder enjoy the fruits of all this work;)haha! A win is a win in the Kingdom of Heaven.haha! Well mom sorry this is so short this week don't have tons to talk about but I love you and I hope you have a great week;)

Love Elder Henze

 PS I can't wait to get your package;)haha

November 5, 2012

Hey Mom!!
 Wow I can't believe the bishopric got changed it hasn't been that long I didn't think!! Well this week was good we had a cool experience. When Elder Jorgensen and I started out this transfer we were contacting in a laundry mat.  We talked to this lady who didn't seem like she wanted us there and then we turn around and there is the manger.  He kicked us out and ya ya it was a joke.  Just the other day we were knocking doors when we ran into her again and had the opportunity to teach her and her family. No unhallowed hand can stop the work of the Lord from progressing!! I really hope something comes of this family if not I just hope their faith in Jesus Christ increases. Well mom I can't wait to try that new supplement. I have been loving the bike! I will have to tell you that story here soon it's funny.( i think) So Luke is turning 11!! I will hopefully be sending him a package here soon I'll have to check my balance on my card to get him something but I hopefully will be sending him something in the mail in the following week if i do not get it out today. Well mom I love you so much and I'm sorry this letter is short but I hope all is going well and that y'all are being blessed. So it is time to go for today but until next time;)

Love Elder Henze

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

October 30, 2012

Hey mom how are you!!  It sounds like ya'll had quite the weekend!! That is awesome!! I love hearing that!! I'm bummed that football is over. I'll miss hearing about it. I guess you'll just have to send me updates on college now and the NFL if anything good is happening;) So my new companion is from Syracuse, Idaho and he is a hard worker which is really good!! He is 24 years old and he has about a half a year left so it is really surprising that President has put me as the senior companion. That must mean that I just get to help more and that is fine with me. We don't speak as much Spanish as I did with my last companion who I tell ya what, I miss him sooooooooooooooo much! For one he is my son in the mission and 2 beacause he has helped me out a lot with Spanish and with other things that you get faced with in the day to day life as a missionary. I miss him. But my new companion is good and we have been working hard. For the first little while we were on foot and so we walked a ton every day.  Well  by the end of this week we racked up 108 contacts so that beats my record in a week so I am happy about that. We have been doing our best to get this area going. The Bishop has started to put in motion the idea that Elder Vasquez and I suggested to him which was to get family history going in our ward to help the less actives and investigators. So they have been working hard to get that going for us and I'm very excited about it!! So a miracle for the week!  As we were walking at the begining of the week, we went to visit this apartment complex and do some tracting so we tracted for a while and we got some good contacts but nothing solid.  Then it was drawing near to the end of our night as we decided to walk home which was about a mile and a half. Well as we were walking Elder Jorgensen and I were just talking about Joseph Smith and ya know, small talk. Well I see this black guy that is on the sidewalk but walking the other direction.  As we passed him I had this deep impression to talk to him, but I figured no, it's late we have to get home, and so we kept walking and the thought came to me again "turn around and talk to that man, he needs you!!." So I quickly turned around and hollered to the man and said excuse me sir. He then turned around and came walking back to talk to me,  I was suprised he didn't just take off running because of the area we were in, but we came up to each other and I asked him what's wrong? Then I said "I had this impression from God that I need to stop and talk to you." "We are representatives of Jesus Christ." He then put his hands on his face and looked up at the sky, he tried to speak but didn't know what to say at first, so he pulled out his phone and showed me a picture of his daughters. He began to explain that he is a single father and is being watched over by childrens services and they are going to take his kids if he can't pay a $26 bill for the lights in his house. We talked a little more and he told me it needed to be a money order and I asked him where do they do money orders at this time of night and he told us.  I said come on lets go get that money order. We walked the extra 1/2 mile to get to the gas station that does money orders and with the money I recived for my birthday I got the money order and gave it to the man. He then gave me his number and address, so I can keep in contact with him. His name is David. I don't think I've ever used my birthday money in a better way. He can now keep his daughters, which is a family. We are supposed to help families be eternal and I feel that this is a step for that family. This was an amazing experience and one very dear to my heart. God will use us when we are in the right place at the right time doing the right things. We all have a testimony to share and it will always have a cause and affect on those around you. Think ye not before hand what ye shall say but treasure up in your minds continually the words of life, and it shall be given you in the very hour that portion that is metted unto every man.(not exact but pretty darn close) So this week has been a pretty good one and we are just doing our best to get the ball rolling here. Well  I love ya'll so much and I hope you have a great week and "SEE MIRACLES" ;) i love you mom take care and keep smiling;)
Love Elder Henze 

October 22, 2012

Hey mom!! I can't tell you how happy I am to hear from you! Today has been good and yes I got the package all right and everything. I intend to bake those cupcakes here some time today. So we got some interesting news the other day, it's transfers again already and my companion is now going to leave me. We have only been companions for 1 transfer and I have learned so much and I will miss him so much I wish we could have served our whole missions together! But, God needs him somewhere else so I can't argue with that. I can't believe last year at this time I was visiting my brother in Iowa!!  And getting ready for the adventure of my life!!  20 doesn't seem to different from the normal teens I just can't believe that it's been 20 years and how fast that went! Well mom I am so grateful to have you as my mom and to help me and rear me in the ways of righteousness. I'm so grateful for the opportunity you have to serve the young women of the Stake and to bless their lives. I'm really excited to hear that Carl did the family home evening! That is really something else I tell ya!  Let him know girls are girls and just be glad he didn't go with her you don't want that kinda girl it would have been a horrible night. So look at it as a blessing. As for the scripture case my friend in Guatemala just got transferred so he can't get me the case for now but I'll keep you updated and let ya know what happens, but I don't think it will happen for a while. Maybe after the mission I can go visit his mission with him or something.ha ha!  So this morning my companion and a couple other companionship's came with us, we all went to IHOP and had a good breakfast.  The waitress came and got me to stand in front of everyone and they all sang to me, everyone in the diner!!  Needless to say I turned way red,ha ha!! It was fun! Well mom thank you so much for all you do thank you for bringing me into this world just 20 short years ago. Please keep me in your prayers. I love you mom
Love Elder Henze
Hasta Ver




HaPpY BiRtHdAy!


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

October 15, 2012

Hey  mom!!
I'm so glad that we beat Agassi prep! but that's crap what those kids did. Who got in the fight and just out of curiosity who won??ha ha!  Anyway I'm glad to hear that and that Carl did good. This week for me has been one of great blessings and growing moments. I had an interview with president that went well. I'm glad y'all had FHE and don't worry if this one wasn't the greatest remember the first step is the hardest. I love this quote that I just found the other day by Mohamed Ali. I shared it with dad but I feel it applies to this case as well ha! Take FHE as training for life or for the mission or for every week OR even every decision that will come your way in the passing moments of life. FHE=Training.
He said  "I hated Every minute of training, but I said DON'T QUIT!  Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion!"
 I love it because I hated practice but look at where it brought me. Now put that in a church aspect or  in this case FHE.  We might not like it, it might be hard to get everyone into the living room to do it, but it's always worth it. For when that moment comes that you make the right choice in the time that temptation comes because that is what you remember talking about in FHE. Lets have it now so we can live the rest of our lives in accordance with God. I know that it will bless the family and I know your testimony and Dads is what the boys need to hear to help them in their lives. Well mom I would love to share a story with you about a miracle we had this week. I'll have to forward it. For some reason I can't copy and paste! ha
 The news of the age change was taken very well.  I am so jealous but very excited for the younger generation to have that opportunity. By the way my companion is doing great!  He is just such a huge help to me and to this area. Well mom I love you a ton and will be looking forward to hearing from you next week. Love you mom!
Love Elder Henze
P.S. Please congratulate Erik For me! he's so stinking lucky to get to go to Brazil I want to go there so bad!!  Oh and let Jacob Bradshaw know I said hi and hope he's doing good.

The Miracle

Hope you enjoy mom.  Love you!! We are seeing miracles. One in particular was en martes. We started to clean the ward list that we got and find out if our less actives and active members live where it said they did.  Well we put this one address into the GPS and it was one of the last names we had, and the way it looked on the GPS it looked out of our area. So we skipped it and went to the other one. Well they weren't there so I just figured well lets make sure that that one is out of our area. So we did we got there at about 5:10pm.  We knocked the door and this lady and 2 kids came to the door the lady is a nanny and was babysitting the kids until the mom got home we asked when she would get back and she told us at 5:30pm.  We said okay we'll come back then. So we left, got a drink and went back.  But before we got out of the car we figured we'd do a little planning and if she gets home about 5:30 we'll give her a couple minutes to say hi to her kids.  So we planned in the car for a few min up until 5:37, then we started to walk across the parking lot to the apartment complex she lives in.  As we were walking I saw this lady get out of her car and as a missionary of course I say hi to everyone I can so I did, I said hi and she said hi back.  As I kept walking I felt the spirit tell me that is her! Then I heard a voice say " it's been a while since missionaries have knocked on my door." It was her!  We walked with her to her aptartment and then started to talk.  She said she has been having a very very hard time and was going to other churches and what not. She then told us she had been praying, for help and right before we met her she had been in the car crying and praying to God to help her. Right when she got out of the car there we were. We are her angels she said with tears in her eyes. I can't tell you the feeling of joy that gave me. it's amazing how the Lord hears all of our prayers. We don't have to be high class or rich to talk to God and receive an answer, but we must do it with faith. That was probably the greatest miracle we had this week.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

October 8, 2012

Hey Mom!!!
Wow this General Conference was Amazing!! As for a favorite talk I think it would have to be either Elder Hollands or Elder Bednar they were both great!  Then again there was another that impacted me very much and it was Elder Eyering his talk about how he helped his kids reach their full potential and become the people that GOD would have them be. I have reflected on this a lot lately and I have been thinking about my brothers and how I can help them see their true potential and reach their full capacity. I have not only applied this to my brothers and to myself.  I have also applied it to my new companion. I have been pouring over the scriptures lately to find answers to questions I have and feel at jeopardy to find out.  At Conference I have received my answer that I must continue on with what I do know and expand my calling as it is and in GODS time I will receive my answer. It reminds me of a phrase that I got from George Durrant he said " Get in the Center of the Church, There are no blessings on the Perimeter." I have found that to be true as I have applied it the best I can by laying down my weapons of rebellion and becoming as a child submissive, humble, full of love and ready to do the will of the Father in all things. It sounds inspiring on paper until you step into the world of uncertainty and uneven ground where paper burns and is gone in a flash, but I see it is how we internalize it that makes it untouchable from the uneven, uncertain and fiery darts of the adversary that attack at every moment. Mom, I want you to know I know this Church is true and even though there might be hard times and testimony shaking moments, comments,and actions GOD will never let us fall we must remove the canopy that blocks the hand of the Lord, by getting in the center of the Church and Gospel. The Lord is hastening His work like the prophet said and we must be ready for that beautiful day when our loving Savior will come. And how great I am to have a mother who has taught to me walk in the ways of righteousness and trust in GOD. Thank you mom you are beautiful inside and out. I love you mom.
 My area is going great we are finding some great people and learning a lot together. My Spanish is coming along thanks to my companion. I am a lot further than I have ever been and it is continuing to increase. I think you can see that with how bad my spelling is!hahaha!!!  It has defiantly gotten a little worse!ha!!  This week I will have interviews with president. I am very excited and hope to gain even more guidance on how to become a better missionary. Mom please gather the family for family home evenings on a day that is convenient for y'all.  I know my brothers will benefit from your testimony as well as dads. Carl needs to prepare and be ready to bring progress to the work of the Lord. Use Preach My Gospel to hold these FHE's and the way to learn from it is Read, Discuss, Practice, Discuss the Practice and then, RE Practice. Chapter 10 is a great to chapter to learn how to teach.  Then help them apply that teaching structure to the lessons found in chapter 3. Really emphasize the 1st chapter and the purpose of a missionary.  A missionaries purpose is to "Invite others to come unto Christ through faith in Jesus Christ and his Atonement, Repentance, Baptism, Receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost and Enduring to the End.".  Help them see and find ways they can apply this same purpose in every day life.  Sorry mom if this letter is a little weird and different from all of my other letters I just want my brothers and my family to reach their full potential and apply all the talents God has given us as a Family. I love you mom I love my family I love the lord and I love my mission.  te amo madre!! tu hijo para siempre!!
Love Elder Henze

October 1, 2012

Hey mom!!!
This week was weired we had so many meetings it was crazy!! So anyway I loved the talk that president Durant's dad gave I got his autograph and when he looked at me mom when I shook his hand it was as if we both couldn't say anything. He just smiled and asked me how the work is going/my mission and I told him it has it's highs and it's lows but it's going good. I could tell he was just receiving revelation right then about what he could tell me and of course we had a whole line of anxious missionaries behind me so I couldn't take too long but I did get to tell him that he helped my mom out a lot growing up and I thanked him for that. He's a great guy and defiantly a man of God. There were a lot of things he said in his talk that was just for me and I can remember 2 distinct times where he looked at me in his talk and held the gaze for 30 seconds or more each time and how I knew he saw something in me that I don't see in myself, just yet, but I think I'm getting there. It was a great experience mom and one that has impacted me quite a bit and I'm so grateful. Well mom I best get going but please tell Danny and the boys I love them and say hi.  Were you able to tell Lene' why I haven't been able to write her? Well mom take care and know I love ya tons!!
Love Elder Henze
PS could you get me some more "Zap It"
PSS this is the last one I hope. I have a friend in Guatemala and he wrote me last week and told me he could have a guy over there make me a scripture case for my Spanish scriptures, but it will cost 50$ so idk. I'd really like to get it for my scriptures so if you could help me with that that would be awesome and you could call that my birthday present;)ha
PSSS I lied, please give Paula Moore my best and let her know I'm so proud of her and I'm sorry for not writing back.

September 24, 2012

Dear Mom
  Hey hey!! This week was good not as stellar as last week but still good. So it's raining huh!! I love the rain!! Well mom it's good to hear you talk about football!! I love it my life long plan has been fulfilled my mom even thinks football!!!! I'm glad Carl is kicking butt that is way good! Oh can you please tell Lene to email me.  I don't have her email and I feel so bad I haven't talked to her like my whole mission and I really want to know how she's doing.  That would be a huge help! So guess what!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! president Durrant's father is coming to our mission on Thursday to speak to us and his girlfriend who is a religion major/ teacher and knows more about Jose Smith than anyone one earth!! I'm so stoked!! It's going to be Awesome!! Well mom I can't really think of anything in particular that I want for my birthday other than subtract the year! Ha! I need to think about it but I could use the insanity DVDs for the morning, besides that I'll have to think about it.  I will be going to the Temple in a couple of weeks and they have a distribution center there and I would love to have some money to get a couple things there.  I'm not sure what yet but I'm sure there will be something that will be appealing to me.  Mom I have to get going but  I hope you have a great week and know I love you so much!!! Please be safe and let the boys know I love them!! Thanks mom for everything!!!!
Love Elder Henze

Hey Paps!!!
 Hey dad, It's great to hear from you!! Sounds like you could have saved some people a lot of money at the Needles game if they just listened to ya huh!! Those ambulance rides are pricey!!! Well dad as you and I both know there is always advice we can give and take but some people just don't take it. For a  couple reasons but the main one is I think FEAR! Fear is an imbodiment of all types of things, and it originates from one person and it's Satan.  Our natural man doesn't want to put off the seed that has been planted. I think fear is part of the natural man and we need to learn to overcome that fear!  When we do we achieve greater understanding and our faith increases. It looks I went on a little tangent. I wonder who I get that from;) ha ha!!! Well dad sounds like you had one heck of a night!! I hope you get the right amount of sleep here today paps we can't fight the great fight as well as we can when we're tired. Well dad this week for us was pretty good, we learned a lot and we are progressing the work in this area. I best get going, I hope all is well and that you will have a wonderful week!! I love ya dad!! Stay safe!!
Love Elder Henze

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

September 10, 2012

Hey mom!!
 This week has defiantly been a Learning Experience, and a great time of reflection on life and on where do we really go after this. My mind has been called up to much searching and pondering as to is there really something there, to gain a deeper understanding and confirmation.  I have poured over the scriptures time and time again mainly in Alma 40,42,43 and I have marked those up so much! I have been growing a lot I feel.  This transfer has defiantly been the greatest Learning Experience of my mission as of yet and thinking about it I don't think I would want it any different. I have felt Nana so very close to me this week and what is even cooler is my Spanish has improved a lot since her passing.  I know that's because she is right next to me helping me out, and yes I did get the ties. Thank you sooooooo much!  I will send you a picture I had already bought a beautiful blue tie to wear so I asked my comps if they wouldn't mind wearing the ones you bought and so they did. They have supported me so much through the passing of my loved ones and I couldn't be more grateful! Well mom I am now a trainer, so I will be training this transfer here in Irving so my address will be:
Elder Henze
4005 N Belt Line rd #513
Irving,TX 75023
So, there is that. Well mom I have to get going.  I'll talk to you hopefully more next Monday but I want you to know I love you soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much and I pray for you and the family always!! Love You 
Love Elder Henze
PS how is dad and Papa doing??


                                                     Just some fun!

September 3, 2012

Dear Mom
 I knew the news would come eventually but the emptiness I feel for her is still unavoidable. Even with the great knowledge I have, the passing of a loved one is still not an easy thing. I wish I could have told her myself how much I love her before she passed but I think she knows by me choosing to stay. If you could please call the mission office and tell them the day of her burial and have them tell me or get permission to tell me over the phone or something so I know for sure. Well mom it is really late here.  A member was kind enough to let us use her computer if I could caulk her trimming on her ceiling.ha ha! Well I best get going.  I love y'all so much!! Take care love y'all
Love Elder Henze
Until We Meet Again!!!!
PS please let papa know I love him!!!

 (I included our letter to Jacob so his readers would understand what was going on at this point.)
On Mon, Sep 3, 2012 at 12:16 AM, Janet Henze <> wrote:
Hey Sunshine,

We hope this letter finds you happy and well.
This week has been very difficult for us as a family.  We spent the week in the ICU with Nana as she struggled to breathe.
It was a great blessing when Sunday morning at 1:20 am Heavenly Father took her back in to His loving arms.  We are so sad for us and the void it leaves but again, we are so thankful for the plan of salvation and the very specific counsel in the Book of Mormon that teaches us about death and the resurrection.  We are so sorry to have to give you such sad news again.  There must be a lesson we all need here.  I want you to know that Nana wanted us to tell you that she loves you and that she is so very proud of YOU.
And that if you need a guardian angel, she will be watching over you.  As difficult as this week has been I must say it has been a very sacred week.  Nana had a vision where her parents and both sets of grandparents came to her room and visited her.  They didn't say anything to her, just smiled at her and sent her extreme amounts of love.  She said she felt so very much at peace.  Her grandparents she recognized them because of the hats they used to wear when she was a small girl.  She thought that was very kind of Heavenly Father to let them wear their hats so she would recognize them.  I thought it was a tender mercy too.
Nana took on a very matriarchal role and spoke to each of her grandchildren and gave them her last counsel for their lives.  Each breath was difficult, but it was that important to her. You were included in that and  she asked us to convey her great love for you and your service to our Father in Heaven.  Dad, Mike, Kendall, Tammy and Poppa were with her when she left.  There are no more worldly cares for her, or pain.  We felt very blessed to be with her and to feel the throngs of spirits waiting to receive her.
Her funeral services will most likely be on Saturday in the afternoon.
The boys send their love.  We are all so proud of you Jacob.  It is so important to keep your hands on the plow.  I wasn't with Nana when she passed away because it was more important for me to take care of the living.  There was nothing more I could do for her.  It is equally important for you to take care of the living and continue doing our Fathers work in the magnificent way that you have been.
Dad and I were so very impressed with the tribute you gave to Tyler.  Let your work be a tribute to Nana.

We love you son!!!!  Make it a great week.
All our love,
Jacob and his companions wore blue ties in memory of Nana on the day of her funeral.  Blue was her favorite color.

August 27, 2012

Dear mom!!
  This week has been a good but emotionally tough. I keep seeing my friends face in my head and the memories I have of us playing football on the playground as little kids not being able to wait to grow up and play football together. And to think that it feels like yesterday we were kids on the playground playing football and now he's gone. This has shifted me into a whole other gear beyond where I have been before, my testimony of the infinate atonement and the absolute love that our Father in Heaven has for each one of us that he so freely shows through his perfect plan. On Agosto 25-2012 for the burial of my friend I bought the previous day a new tie that I could wear for that day, and that I will wear when I go and visit his grave in less than a year and a half. On the 25th, I wore my suit and that tie in honor of my friend. I'm so grateful for the knowledge I have, and have received from the Holy Ghost. Please give Nana my best as well.  I guess I must have to gain an even stronger testimony of the plan of salvation so it can lift people higher. well mom i need to get going but i love you soooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!!
Love Elder Henze
 P.S. tell Carl congrats and that i love him and Luke as well
  P.S.S let dad know i love him.
          (Comments are concerning the death of his schoolmate, Tyler Watts)

          Jacob on the day of Tyler's funeral & the tie he wore that day

Saturday, August 25, 2012

August 20, 2012

Hey mom it's good to hear from you!
 I'm really excited that football has started again!  I found out the other day that NFL pre season has started I was so excited!ha!  I'm glad that the family is doing good for the most part.  Let grandpa know that my prayers are with him.
My area is pretty good.  There are a lot of people here and we just need to find the ones who are receptive.  I think we might have just found some the other day, we found a family of 3, so that is really exciting!  I love you so much mom!!  Can you let the boys know how much I love them and also dad. Well my companion is an interesting fellow but a good guy.  I'm learning a lot about patience and it's coming along good. Well mom I have to get going. I love you so much and can't say it enough.
Love Elder Henze
P.S. Please give the Watts my best. I don't know what to say.  I remember the last time I saw him was right before my mission, and it was only for a second.... please let them know that they are in my prayers.

August 13, 2012

Hey mom!!! It's so great to hear from you and hear that things are going good at home dispite things with grandpa.  Mom I can't tell you how proud of Carl I am.  That had to be a way hard decision and I'm really disappointed that none of the teammates stood up for him!!  It reminds me of Thomas S. Monson and his talk "Dare to Stand Alone" and the quote that I love from that and Carl was a perfect example of, Thomas S. Monson said
 " Dare to be a Mormon,
 Dare to stand alone,
 Dare to have a purpose Firm,
 Dare to make it Known!!!"
I can't tell you how grateful I am to have him as my brother and parents that taught us the way that God wants us to live our lives. Give him props for me!!
 Well mom I think going back to school will be great! I'm excited to hear how that goes!  Sage is finally going on a mission and Trevor and JD, and holy there is a lot of them! This will be way cool!! I can't remember, where is Ben Knight going again?  How is Alex Tracy doing? I hope they're doing good. 
 So in my new area I also have a new companion who is nothing like me.  He has a hard time keeping up with me on the bike it's kinda funny.  He says his bike is possessed (he's ripped the crotch out of 3 pairs of pants!!hahahaha) I think it's just him. He never learned how to ride a bike before.  He has just learned on the mission and sometimes he scares me out in traffic! We get honked at all the time and get yelled at and people are just great! ha ha!!  I have had 3 flat tires in the course on my stay here and it's only the end of week 2!!ha ha!! And yes a bike kit would be way nice. But to be honest I love it!  I love riding and working hard. The first little while in this area was way difficult to get up in the mornings but then I told myself I have to really show God that I'm about his work and I'm going to work to accomplish it.  It's said that "I looked for joy and didn't find it, then I went to work and found work is joy" . So this last week I have been doing even better than I have on my mission I am waking up at 6 instead of 6:30 so I can work on Spanish and also get my workout in. It's been good.  I feel so much better and I have so much more time to get stuff done.  Ever since I've been in this area I have cooked pancakes every morning with maybe some eggs and if I'm feeling up to it and if I have time I even throw some bacon on! It's been gooooooood!!!:)  Well mom this week has been a good one for the most part.  I have a very interesting companion but not only that he is also fluent he is native so it's been a little difficult when he points out all the errors I make in my Spanish especially in front of investigators!   So, I have been learning even more patience, but I love the kid.  I feel I have been able to help him out a lot but I'm not sure, we'll see.  This area is great we are getting it going so it's coming!  Well mom I best get going I hope everything is going good with you and the family. Also, how is your health mom?  I worry about that a lot.  I hope all is well.  Mom I love you sooo much and I look forward to hearing from you next week!! 
Love Elder Henze

August 6, 2012

So this week started out pretty crazy!  I got towed to start it off so we got to our area late but that wasn't to bad.  The being towed was a pain but we got that all figured out so that is in the past time to move forward. This week in the space of 2 days I have had 2 flat tires! Yahoo!  By the way I'm on a bike! I love it it's working me hard.  I'm so happy to be here!  My comp is a little slow but that's okay he'll catch up.ha!  So i got to go back to Oak Cliff this Saturday for the 2 baptisms we had and they went great. This new area has a lot of great members and I am so excited to be working here and to be on a bike!! Well this week has been a finding week we have been out a lot knocking doors and contacting on the street. We have had some pretty spiritual experiences where we got followed by this guy who finally asked us a question to start bashing with us but with the spirit and scriptures we explained to him why we believe the way we do and shared with him the plan of salvation it was a really cool experience!  Not sure anything will come of it but I know my testimony grew from that experience!  That is about my week I'll write some more next week hopefully. ha!  We'll see.  Love ya'll and I hope ya'll have a great week!!!!
Love Elder Henze

Monday, July 30, 2012

July 30, 2012

Hey Hey Family!
So a lot has been happening this week. We have 2 baptisms set up for next week!  That's way exciting!!  Now here comes the transfer news.  I am being transferred again to a new area where I will be opening it up with another Elder and Oak Cliff south is no longer here.  Oak Cliff has been split in half and so now it's just east and west.  That is pretty crazy!  I'm way excited to be going to open a new area but I'm really going to miss this area.  I love it here in the Cliff!  I'll go where I need to go I guess.  Thank goodness I can come back to Oak Cliff for the baptism this next week.  I'm happy about that! Well there isn't much more on what happened this week except we had a ward fast and it was awesome to see the blessing come from it!!!!  Well family that is that for this week I have to get going because I have to get all packed and say all my goodbyes and what not. I love y'all so much I hope all is well with y'all!!

Love Elder Henze

July 23, 2012

 WOW sounds like y'all have been having quite the week !! Sorry to hear its been tough.   For me this week has been pretty good y'all have been on my mind more than usual so now I know why. I hope Carl is doing good I'm very curious to find out what happened with the camp. I'm glad he had a good time at EFY though. So this week we started out strong then dropped in the middle then picked back up a little but other than that middle part it was great. I actually have a pretty funny dog story this week.  Actually I have two.  The first one, we knocked this door and they opened up.  Well a little chiwawa (sp) came out and barking like crazy and then it stopped.  I put my hand down to let it smell my hand to understand all is good.  Well the little thing had some balls because it bit me.  Man if the owner wasn't there and if it drew blood I would have killed the thing right then and there!!! Stupid dog! Then the other one, we passed by this referral and they had a back gate that was locked and their front gate was a deck and the gate to that was nailed shut so we decided to go over the little gate that was about mid thigh to me.  So as my comp goes over I start to as well, Elder Wilson says oh no!!  I'm half way over and 3 giant rottweilers with nails that haven't been cut in years are flying towards us and we jumped back over faster than Houdini got out of a unlocked safe!!!!!!!!!!!  Well when we were safe I had to get a picture of these dogs and where we were so I could look back someday and laugh even harder!!! Ha ha so no worries all is well!  Well mom I have to get going I hope your doing good and all, is well with Carl! Well mom take care and talk to y'all next week.

Kia kaha mom!! 

Love Elder Henze 

Friday, June 29, 2012

June 25, 2012

Hey mom!! 
It's good to hear from you. Well I have to teach my companion some more Spanish and also show him how some things are done. I also need to finish up the next 6 week program with him so that will be fun!! He is great!  His name is Elder Wilson and he is from California. I am defiantly going to go see him after the mission! We are working great together and things  are going good:)  It sounds like y'all had a fun time;) ha or not! Sorry to hear about that! Well, so I'm in Oak Cliff South. It is a nice place full of humble people ready to hear the gospel! I'm way excited!  My Spanish will defiantly improve here, I can already feel the Lord helping me a ton with my Spanish !  I love how it says God will qualify who he calls, and I can defiantly feel that right  now back up training and having to help an Elder with his Spanish! Well mom I have to go but I love ya tons and I hope y'all have a great week and tell the boys congrats on all that the're doing and that I love them too and I pray for y'all always!!
Love Elder Henze

Hey dad!!
 I really have been seeing God help me with back up training this Elder.  The Lord has really been helping with my Spanish and I only have Him to thank because I know that I wouldn't be able to do it alone! Well dad sorry the fishing was a bust! I can't wait for the bike ride when I get home:) My new companion is from California and he is way cool! I defiantly want to go see him after the mission!   Well dad I'm sorry this letter is short, but I have to go. These computers are crazy! Well dad love ya tons, take it easy and don't forget to pray! :) 

Love Elder Henze

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

June 18, 2012

WOW!!!!! is about all I can say about this week!!

 So, the baptisms we had on Saturday went great except I had to do Roman twice because I didn't put him all the way under the first time.ha ha oops! More practice I guess!! Besides that it went great! This week we reached what they call the "Standards of Excellence".  That is some goals that are put in place for us to strive for and really stretch. Well, this week we completed it! Actually we destroyed it!! We had 2 people confirmed and 1 investigator with a baptism date, 3 investigators at church, 14 total lessons taught and 71 people contacted! That was  way exciting!! This week has been very good and we have really seen some miracles. We had a specialized training in Spanish that was way better than the first time because I could actually understand this time! And I could talk pretty darn good too!   I was impressed! So we had a great baptism on Saturday then that night I got what I wished I wouldn't have, and that is a call to leave Plano!!!  My new area will be Oak Cliff South and I will be BACK UP TRAINING!!!!!!!!  It's pretty nerve racking!!  I must be needed somewhere else! Yesterday (Sunday), I confirmed Roman a member of the church and gave him the holy ghost, in Spanish.  Now it wasn't fluffy and beautiful but it was done as the spirit directed with the Spanish that I know.ha! So that was a very wonderful experience. I'm really going to miss Plano and the people here. Quite a few members gave me their info so I could keep in touch with them and President Cano (the branch president),  really wants me to get in touch with him.  He said if I need anything to give him a call and he'll be there for me.ha!  He's such a great guy!  Defiantley someone who I look up to a lot here. I call him "Mi Padre Del Plano!" ha!! which means "My Father Of Plano".ha!  I have a lot to be thankful for here and a lot of people who have changed my life. I can't wait to come back some day and see everyone. So this week has been really busy! Oh and this Plano zone no longer exists it is now a district and the zone covers 5 or 6 counties now, ITS HUGE!!!! Oh in my new area I will be driving.  That's pretty exciting! Well I don't have much to say besides what's been said. I really am grateful to have been in Plano for so long and all that I've learned here and everyone who I've been able to help. I know that where I am going is where the Lord wants me and he will protect me wherever I go, and that all things are for my experience. Thank you for your loving words I revive every week they help me so much and I can't thank you enough!! Love you have a great week!!
Love Elder Henze
 Until We Meet Again 
Hey mom it sounds like y'all have just been having to much fun!!! Gosh I love the pictures I miss the mountains soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!!!! I'm glad you had such a great time at camp. Thank you for the picture of the Windous family that was way nice:)  Can you apologize to the  Moores' for me I feel so bad I haven't written them.  I have just been so busy I really don't have any time on P-days to really write anyone:( so I'm really sorry!  How is sister Moore on her weight??
How are you doing mom?? Do you have a goal and a plan to accomplish that goal? How did the camp go; like how was it run as far as lessons and things? Did you learn anything new? I'm asking way to many questions!! Can you let everyone know that I am changing addresses and to not send me anything to Rio Grande Dr. anymore.  Can you get a hold of Kylie Dawn McKee and tell her I will write her back next Monday with my new address. Holy changing areas is a hassle!ha!  Well mom thanks for the letter and the pictures I have to go for this week but I'll let ya know how things are next week. I love ya tons!!!
Love Elder Henze
Until We Meet Again

June 11, 2012

Dear MOM!!
 Sounds like Carl is making quite the improvements that's good to hear!  I can't believe how fast the sports seasons go! I really have lost track of time out here, I almost forgot it has been 6 months. Man that is a long time! ha ha but it has gone by so fast!! Oh and transfers are coming up. I will find out this Saturday where I will be going or if I will be staying! We'll see. So I have some good news mom this weekend I was asked by Roman, one of our investigators, if I can baptize him on the 16th!  I'm so excited and so stinking nervous!! Not so much for the baptism part but for the confirmation part.  I really have to put my faith in the Lord that he will help me with that one.ha ha! Well soon this area will not be so down. We have 2 baptisms on the 16th and a baptism on the 23rd and on the 30th, if all goes well! So the Lord has really blessed us! I just hope I'm still here for the on on the 23 and the 30th. I don't know, I might be leaving, but we'll see!ha!  I can't wait to hear how girls camp goes mom.  I am so excited for you!! And Trevor, holy crap, already  got his mission call! That is crazy!!  I won't lie I am jealous that he gets to go to Mexico, I still really wish I was out of the country but that's probably not a good thing to think. I don't feel like my testimony is growing to much or if I'm even changing. I don't know, it's frustrating.  I feel like I'm so focused on Spanish I'm missing the miracles around me. I need to balance that better I think.  How is Danny I haven't heard from him in a while?? Oh and I was thinking about Stephan Burdick the other day.  What happened with him?  Is he a member yet? I should have referred him to the missionaries but I didn't really know how so it's really easy you can have Carl do it. Have him go to the missionaries and tell them where he lives and who he is and that is really about it.ha ha!  So if you could let me know how he is that would be nice:)
 This week we got to do some service and I got to trim some hedges and trim some trees or however you say that. That was way fun and the older couple we did it for is very well off with money, so they wouldn't let us leave without giving us snacks food oh and a 50 dollar gift card to Walmart!! For the love! ha ha! So I think I might save it for a rainy day when I run out of money and can't buy food ha ha! or maybe I'll buy that dumbbell I've been thinking about we'll see. ha ha! Well  I told y'all about a member who was in the hospital after having a really bad heart attack. Well he had a quadruple bypass which is horrible!! How crazy is that! Well, that went smoothly except now he is blind in his right eye. He is amazing.  He hasn't fussed once about it and he had quite the experience when they were working on his heart.  I will have to share with you one day that is quite interesting. Anyway this man is such a saint. It's amazing, the power we have on the earth to bless and heal the sick and afflicted both with the priesthood and with modern technology. Well mom I hope your girls camp goes well and I hope that cot works good for you!!:)  Mom I best get going. I love you a ton and I want you to know how grateful I am to have you as my mom!
P.S. if anyone is going to send me anything to the address here make sure it is sent by tomorrow or I probably wont get it, if I'm leaving. Just so y'all know
Love Elder Henze

June 4, 2012

Oh mom I love the pictures thank you so much!! Well time is a little limited today. We went out "mountain biking" and I must say man I miss getting out and sweating and bleeding, gosh home was nice!!ha ha! Well I just met the CEO of Cinemark! Yep that's right probably where you guys went and watched all those movies that I'm so jealous about! He has a way nice bike and he is soooo tight!!  The ride was good.  I had one pretty sweet crash! That is one thing I have to buy when I get home is a helmet camera so I can capture all of those awesome moments!!ha ha!  I'm glad Darcy did so great, that is fantastic!!  I love the pictures I think I said that but that's how much I love them!!  I did get the memory card back so no need to worry I think it will be a while until I send any back because ! bought a 2 16 and WOW!! I have a lot of space! They had a great deal so I had to!! ha!  Well mom I best get going I hope you like my pictures I sent you today. I hope you have a great week and you have so much to share with those young women you have no idea! Keep smiling mom!! Love you tons!!!!!!!!
Love Elder Henze

Until We Meet Again

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

May 28, 2012

Hey Mom!! How ya doing today!!! Hope you had a great day! This week has been pretty good we have been seeing quite a few miracles happen here with families coming out of no where showing up at church on Sunday and wanting to know more!! It's Fantastic! Tons of blessings and I'm sooo grateful!! Well I've been thinking lately how is Kiley Dawn McKee? I've been wondering how she has been doing and I want to write her so if you could find out her info for me that would be great!!  Do you Remember the Book that Brother Gublers mom made for him? I was wondering if you could get me those stories and poems that he has? Could you thank Carl for the calender, I really like it!! So we have a couple baptism dates set with Roman and Issac. They are way great and I like them a lot! We played soccer with them today and with the whole branch I must say I did pretty darn good for being a gringo playing with a bunch of Mexicans!ha ha! They are way cool and we had a blast!! Now I wont lie and say I'm not sore! ha! I'm defiantly going to feel it in the morning!!ha ha! So this week has been great for us and we are really seeing the Lord work wonders here and I can't thank Him enough! Well mom I hope all is well at home and that family home evenings are happening and hope the boys are doing good in their sports and going to finish the year strong!!  Take care mom and I hope I hear from you next week. love you tons!!

Love Elder Henze

Hey thanks dad!!! for the emails! That's exciting you and mom drew out!! I was actually just talking to a member on Sunday about hunting and how I miss going into the mountains with my dad and hunting and just having a good old time! Man I miss those days! ha! But it's all good.  This week was pretty good we have had some miracles the last few weeks with families showing up that we don't know that just all of a sudden showed up and wanted to know about our church! I mean it has been so great and a huge blessing!!  I was thinking this week how is Jeff doing and how is your friend doing, the one we went and rode motorcycles with? I hope they're doing well. So y'all have been getting SNOW!! What the heck! How does that happen?ha ha! I guess that's just Ely for ya. Well dad I hope you have a great week and I miss ya a ton and the good times we had riding bikes and going hunting! Love ya tons dad have a great week!!

Love Elder Henze

Monday, June 18, 2012

May 21, 2012 - 2

Hey Dad
Thanks for the letter!ha ha I wouldn't worry too much about Carl's butt hitting me if I could see him arch better over the bar!!ha ha but that's great! I hope he reaches that goal! Sounds like mom and Luke had a good time!ha I can't wait to hear about the Snake and the Lizard that sounds pretty exciting!ha That's nice you didn't have to wear a coat to the track meet that was horrible when I went!!ha Oh the good old weather of Ely. I think my comp is sick and tired of me turning the temperature down to about 45 every night. ha ha I can't sleep when it's hot and I am just miserable when I can't sleep. So every morning when we wake up he is freezing hahahahahahaha!! Man I miss the nice cool weather.ha! Ohand you'll be happy to know I finally found someone here in Plano that has the same bike as me! I have been looking ever since I got here and I finally found it, so I had my companion stop the car and I took a picture. Well I could feel someones presence when I was taking the picture and looking at the bike, so I turned and looked up and sure enough there was a guy and his wife watching me. I kindly said "Well hello is this your bike Sir?" he replied in a little bit of a off guard reply "yes" I told him " It is an amazing machine I have one at home in Nevada." Then he realized I was not there to take his bike or anything so his wife went inside then he said he would be right back.  I waited, he came down to the bike where I was standing and we had a great talk about the bike and the trips I took with you and how much fun it was and how I saw a bear, and we just had a great conversation. He told me about a website that is way great to go check out if you have time, to let you know really anything you want to about the bike from everyone in the world that owns a V-Storm it's called so that should be pretty cool. So that was a great experience. Oh and I thought you would like to know the guy that fought in the Nagasaki Tournament ended up not placing and this is why. He fought his first 2 fights and just owned the guys! Well the 3rd person he fought was way big and way way good he said but he only lost by 1 point to his competitor. Well the Judges did a back ground check on the guy that our friend fought.  It turns out that the guy lied and cheated to get into a lower weight and skill bracket so that he could have a better chance of winning!! So that guy has been disqualified and kicked out of the Nagasaki Tournaments for life. This put our friend in a bad spot because the champion match had just happened when they found this out and they gave the guy the medal and everything already and they wouldn't let him fight the guy who won so they didn't let him have a shot at first place!  He did receive a lot of recognition from a lot of other trainers for the fight he lost because I guess this guy was way big and way good and our friend lost by just 1 point so they saw how good our friend is and how dedicated he is so that was really good he is staying really positive about the whole thing.  In my book he won in every way. So that was way cool! Also I was coming out of Walmart the other day and this guy and I think his wife was loading things into the car when I saw a chiropractic table in his truck. I then asked are you a chiropractor and he said yes I am. I then had a good conversation with him about where he went to school and I got a card. So I might hit him up one day while I'm here. ha ha!  So there has been a lot of good things happening this week and I'm really grateful for all that has been going on here. We now have 4 baptism dates set so that is way way way exciting and they are awesome!! I will tell mom a story that she can share with you because I've got to go and write her so ask her about the man in the hospital. It's a great experience that happened to me this week. Well dad I love you tons and I hope you have a great time working and taking care of the family.

Love Elder Henze

Until We Meet Again

May 21,2012

Oh those pictures are great!! and by the way YES I did receive your package and yes everything is delisiouso and I love the superman balloon and the pictures of the mountains! Oh it is so nice to look at them before I go to bed every night! I'm glad you liked my videos and I hope you got my Mothers day cards. if not they will be there soon.:)ha I'm way happy for Carl that is great and Luke, sounds like they killed that team you could have probably gone home and taken another nap!!hahaha! Well I'll tell you a little about my week. One story in particular. We received a call on Friday from Elders outside of our area that asked us if we could go to the hospital in our area and give this man a Priesthood blessing. So we called and let  the man know we would be coming in the hour.  So we got there and he told us about the last few months leading up to this point, so here it goes. His wife died about 9 moths ago, she was a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  He thought that he could get over his depression by drinking and smoking. Well all that did was wind him up in the hospital that same month his wife died, and for the past 9 months he has visited the hospital every month because he can't breathe. He doesn't drink or smoke anymore. Well so when we got there I thought well I better bless the family that they can handle his passing, but as I started the blessing rather choppy and not so well, I felt it was not his time to go yet. So I blessed him that he would have health, and there is still something he needs to do before going home. Well he was very grateful and I told him to hold in there and to have faith. The next day the daughter called us and told us he looks worse but he says he feels a little better. He had been on my mind ever since the blessing so I decided that we needed to go back to the hospital and invite him to take the lessons and ultimately be baptized.  We got there and I asked him if he would like to take the lessons, he replied "yes".  A few minutes later he asked me with his oxygen mask on fighting for the words, "what do I need to do to be with my wife again" I was happy to tell him. We had a great conversation. We will have to refer him to the English Elders because well, he speaks English.  I will defiantly keep an eye on how he is doing. That has been one of the great blessing I have received this week. Well mom I have to get going but I hope you like these pictures and keep smiling:) Take care of yourself mom I love you!
Love Your son Elder Henze With a side of SUNSHINE:)ha ha
Until We Meet Again

May 14, 2012

Hey mom!! I can't tell you how happy I was to be able to talk to you too. I'm sorry if I seemed a little negative towards my comp. I feel I didn't say to many good things about him so I figured I could tell you what he has taught me sense we've been together. Well first of all he has taught me patience.  He has taught me to find the good in people when it might be hard to see. He has taught me to be happy in opposition and to communicate my feelings more. The list can go on and on, the fact of the matter is that he has taught me a lot and I don't give him enough credit for all he has done for me. So I don't want y'all to think he is a bad guy or I just have a horrible relationship with him because that's not true at all. I hope you and the boys can see that. I still have a lot to learn from him and so that is why we are still together I think and for me that is fine because it's only going to help me grow and help us be better friends in the long run.  I love my companion Elder Virrueta!!! ha!  So a little about the week that I didn't get to tell you because I forgot.ha ha oops! Well we have had quite the week. One of our members had a heart attack and drove home and called up the President and he asked us to go give him a blessing.  Well after the blessing Elder V and I went back to check on him to see how he was doing and if they were going to go to the hospital like we told him to do. Well we got there and he still hadn't gone and didn't want to go and he was doing a lot better than what he was doing but still he wasn't doing good. We came by the next day and he was sleeping, and the wife told us he went to the hospital and they gave him pills to help him sleep. Well it turns out they didn't go to the doctor they just went and got sleeping pills! So when we passed by on Sunday we checked with him to find out when he was going to the hospital. Well, he said he has an appointment for Monday(5-14-12).  The president went by later and forced him to go to the hospital and when they got him into the hospital they did the first tests on him for people that have experienced a heart attack.  Well within 10 min he was in the back getting open heart surgery!! So today we are going to stop by and see him.  I guess the first surgery the angioplasty or whatever they call it didn't work so they are probably going to have to cut him open again and try something new. So that has been really intense! Also this week for Mothers day we took cookies to all the less active moms and this one that we are teaching, her family when we gave it to her started to cry because we had remembered her on Mothers day.  That was way nice and I felt way good about that. I feel those are the times I am really making the most of my mission is when I can see that the love that we show people affect their lives and how grateful they are.  Well mom I love ya tons and I best get going.  I LOVE  the picture of me in the MOUNTAINS!!haha thanks again!!
Love Elder Henze
Until We Meet Again

May 7 2012

Hey mom I know I'm emailing early but just so you know I am staying here in Plano again so it will be another 6 weeks, and I have the same companion as well. I will call you in the morning on Mothers day to let you know what time I can really call you and talk so if you don't answer don't worry I will leave a message for the time to be on skype so I can talk with ya'll:) Well this week was okay, Spanish is a pain but I have really been seing a lot of help from the Lord when I just quit worrying about it and focus on the part that I need to learn right at that moment.  Anyway, so we have been working with less actives this last little while and I think that is what we will continue to do because it works and we are getting to know some great people.  Also we have a few new investigators from it, with part members and also with referrals.  It is way good and we are seeing some good things happening so we hope that it keeps going.  We are teaching some teenagers of a part member family and they are way great! The only thing is they will be moving in July so we are doing our best to teach them everything and babtize them before they move. We will see what happens. Well mom I best get going but I love ya a ton and I can't wait to call you on Sunday!!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

April 30, 2012

Oh thank you sooooo much I love the pictures!!!!!! Okay, well I sent ya'll some pictures in the mail so you should be getting them soon if you haven't already, and I'm out of space on my memory card so I'm going to send it to ya'll and buy another one.  You can put all the pictures on the computer at home and then delete them off the card and send it back so at least I know that all the pictures are safe and okay. So, I have some good news and bad news. The good news is I got my new pants and they fit great! The bad news is I only got that package and not the one from home:( so I don't know where it is right now:( but I'll keep looking out for it.  Transfers are coming up again and also Mothers day!!!  I don't know if I'll be here in Plano for Mothers day or not but on Monday I will write you again and tell ya'll what's happening.
Hey mom you didn't miss me:) haha but that is so great!  I'm so glad things are going good! You're out walking again!! That's great!  How much have you lost already? I probably won't even recognize you mom:)ha I'm so happy for you mom! I can't believe they are working dad like that! That is ridiculous!!! No one else could do what my dad does NO ONE!!! That doesn't inclued Jesus, but he wasn't just a man so I'm still right!ha!! Well I will send you that memory card today then and I hope you like them some of them. Don't get me wrong, some are really silly but you can't delete any of them, they are memories that I will never forget and I will cherish forever!!hahaha!  I'm glad the boys are doing good and I hope Carl got my letter, I'll try to send one to Luke this week.  So this week has been good for the most part. We are doing our best to keep the work moving but it's so hard with this thing called agency. It really makes things a little (a lot) more difficult. Thank you for all your prayers. We will find someone soon I hope, so keep the prayers coming. ha!   This week we met a wonderful family and they are way nice and I really think that good things are going to happen for them.  We'll do our part they just need to do theirs now. With how this family is I think they will:) Well mom I don't have much to say, but the Lord, my companion and I seem to be turning Plano around, the branch is getting a lot more excited about missionary work and they are starting to give us a lot of referrals, so we are hoping that the Spirit can touch them as to which of their friends need to hear the gospel and are ready. That is really exciting!!  I'm really excited about that! Oh, and this Sunday we had this guy talk about family history and WOW it has come a long way!! We actually get compliments from people saying they love our Family Research as they shut the door in our face.hahahaha!!! I think its so funny! I've been thinking we need to start doing some more family history.   We've got ancestors that are waiting to enter the temple on the other side and make those covenents.  With that we will be helping even more with the building up of Zion:) Well mom thanks for the email I look forward to getting your emails every week!  I can't wait to talk to you on Mothers day and skype with ya'll, we just need to find a member who has skype, and the difficult part is I don't know if I'm going to be here in Plano or somewhere else. I'm not sure how it will happen but if I can't skype I'll let you know on Monday because I'll know if I'll still be here or not.:)  I better go I love you mom and hope you have a great week and give the boys and dad my love and keep the pictures coming:)ha Love You!
Love Elder Henze

Until We Meet Again

Monday, April 23, 2012

April 16, 2012

Hola!! Wow time is just flying out here! This last week was good for the most part. We are really trying to work with the members, and that is going great! Our members are so nice. We had an appointment set up and everything so we invited a member and his wife to the appointment, and they came. They are converts and they are so great. Well the apointment fell through, so our back up plan was to go have a lesson with Eduardo.  We went there and it turns out something came up and he wasn't able to be there, so we had 2 appointments fall through.  Our great Members that were with us were just happy to be with us and they wanted to know what they could do to help more.  It just made me think a little about how grateful I am to have the members I do, also the friends that I have and a companion that is Peruvian. Seriously I am so grateful for the members of the branch and for their willingness to help.
  This week has been a lot of follow ups on possibles and knocking doors. I think it's so funny when you hear a ton of rucous inside a house then you knock and everything goes quiet.ha! But I think the one I love the most that really makes me laugh is when you hear a dog barking inside and in mid bark the dog gets quiet.haha!! Oh the good times of knocking doors,ha!  Well my Spanish is coming, but slow. I will say having a companion that speaks the language is a help.  I just need to be patient and diligent in doing what I can. Well that's all I have for this week. Hope all is well at home. I love you all and pray for you always!
Love Elder Henze

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

April 3, 2012

Hey mom I can't tell you how sorry I am about last weeks short letter. So I will make it up some how,ha!  Last week was really really busy with getting everything switched around with my new companion and what not. My new companion is Elder Virrueta and he is from Peru. He speaks to me in Spanish a lot so it helps me out a ton, so hopefully by the end of this transfer I will be speaking Spanish more fluently:) I'm sorry to hear about the buisness and the tough decision you had to make. I hope conference helped give you the comfort you needed and answered all your questions cuz I know it did for me. This last week has been crazy! I have been pretty much in charge because my companion is new to the area and I have to teach him where everything is and what we do over here.  So even though I am not labled senior companion I am and will be for a little while. So it's been stressful but I feel I have grown a lot. Things here are going good. We're trying to find new people and help the ones we have to progress to baptism. I have been so excited all week for General Conference I can't believe it's all ready over it makes me sad! Cuz it was soooooooooo good and I loved every minute of it!  It's like the SUPER BOWL for missionaries! It's awesome! 
 I want Carl to know that he had a big responsibility as a Preisthood holder and that it is the power of Heaven.  It is literally the Power of God!!  He has intrusted us with that great power, but like Uncle Sam says off of spider man "With great power comes great Responsibility", and I would add to that WORTHINESS! I can't tell you how much I regret the times I was not worthy to pass, bless, and partake of the Sacrament. And also how I shurked a lot of my preisthood duties.  I will be judged for this and if I could send a warning to my brothers, I would that you not make the same mistakes!  You are better than that! I know it, you know it, our parents know it and most of all our loving Heavenly Father knows it. If he didn't he would not have given you that sacred power. Also be both converted to the Gospel and Church because if one falters you can not stand on even ground and the great Destroyer called Satan will push you around and you will not withstand his mighty winds.
 I can't express enough how much I  love you all and how much I want to see ya'll succeed and magnify your calllings as Holders of the Priesthood.  Not is it only Gods glory, but mine and our parents, to see us succeed. Do not get caught up in the things of the world.  There is always time for the Lord and for his work.  Never forget that the greatest missionaries are the members! They are the ones who never give up. I have found that this is an even more difficult battle with satan than I thought.  Please always be on guard and ready to make the correct decision.
 Mom this can apply to you as well.  I loved that talk given by the Relief Society president and how great your resposability is as a mother and as a member of this church. Remember that you are called to lead out as a young womans leader, and as a mother to us. Thank you mom for all you have done for me and for setting me on the right path so that I can have the blessing that I so desperately needed and still need in my life. Remember that the strength of the church comes from the family.
 Well mom I best get going. I will probably be back on in a little while.  I have to go get a new car:)  I love you and I hope all is well.
Your son Elder Henze!
Hey mom!! I'm on again for a moment today.  I'm glad things are going well. Thank you for all of your prayers they have helped out so much!  Thank you for all you do I hope you enjoyed my letter  If you could tell Carl for me that losing your temper and letting your emotions get the best of him is the best way that satan can make him lose the spirit. Let him listen to that talk again on the internet that was given in conference about that. It was great, and it will bring him comfort I think, and you as well mom:) Well I best get going... umm I was told by Lisa to let you know that you need to update the Blog. hahahahaha how is that going? I don't even know I can't get on it. I never have time:(ha well mom I best get going I love you sooo much take care.
P.S. I found out I can SKYPE for Christmas and for Mothers day!!!! So make sure you're all set up for that when the time comes.:)
Love Elder Henze

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