Wednesday, October 17, 2012

October 15, 2012

Hey  mom!!
I'm so glad that we beat Agassi prep! but that's crap what those kids did. Who got in the fight and just out of curiosity who won??ha ha!  Anyway I'm glad to hear that and that Carl did good. This week for me has been one of great blessings and growing moments. I had an interview with president that went well. I'm glad y'all had FHE and don't worry if this one wasn't the greatest remember the first step is the hardest. I love this quote that I just found the other day by Mohamed Ali. I shared it with dad but I feel it applies to this case as well ha! Take FHE as training for life or for the mission or for every week OR even every decision that will come your way in the passing moments of life. FHE=Training.
He said  "I hated Every minute of training, but I said DON'T QUIT!  Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion!"
 I love it because I hated practice but look at where it brought me. Now put that in a church aspect or  in this case FHE.  We might not like it, it might be hard to get everyone into the living room to do it, but it's always worth it. For when that moment comes that you make the right choice in the time that temptation comes because that is what you remember talking about in FHE. Lets have it now so we can live the rest of our lives in accordance with God. I know that it will bless the family and I know your testimony and Dads is what the boys need to hear to help them in their lives. Well mom I would love to share a story with you about a miracle we had this week. I'll have to forward it. For some reason I can't copy and paste! ha
 The news of the age change was taken very well.  I am so jealous but very excited for the younger generation to have that opportunity. By the way my companion is doing great!  He is just such a huge help to me and to this area. Well mom I love you a ton and will be looking forward to hearing from you next week. Love you mom!
Love Elder Henze
P.S. Please congratulate Erik For me! he's so stinking lucky to get to go to Brazil I want to go there so bad!!  Oh and let Jacob Bradshaw know I said hi and hope he's doing good.

The Miracle

Hope you enjoy mom.  Love you!! We are seeing miracles. One in particular was en martes. We started to clean the ward list that we got and find out if our less actives and active members live where it said they did.  Well we put this one address into the GPS and it was one of the last names we had, and the way it looked on the GPS it looked out of our area. So we skipped it and went to the other one. Well they weren't there so I just figured well lets make sure that that one is out of our area. So we did we got there at about 5:10pm.  We knocked the door and this lady and 2 kids came to the door the lady is a nanny and was babysitting the kids until the mom got home we asked when she would get back and she told us at 5:30pm.  We said okay we'll come back then. So we left, got a drink and went back.  But before we got out of the car we figured we'd do a little planning and if she gets home about 5:30 we'll give her a couple minutes to say hi to her kids.  So we planned in the car for a few min up until 5:37, then we started to walk across the parking lot to the apartment complex she lives in.  As we were walking I saw this lady get out of her car and as a missionary of course I say hi to everyone I can so I did, I said hi and she said hi back.  As I kept walking I felt the spirit tell me that is her! Then I heard a voice say " it's been a while since missionaries have knocked on my door." It was her!  We walked with her to her aptartment and then started to talk.  She said she has been having a very very hard time and was going to other churches and what not. She then told us she had been praying, for help and right before we met her she had been in the car crying and praying to God to help her. Right when she got out of the car there we were. We are her angels she said with tears in her eyes. I can't tell you the feeling of joy that gave me. it's amazing how the Lord hears all of our prayers. We don't have to be high class or rich to talk to God and receive an answer, but we must do it with faith. That was probably the greatest miracle we had this week.

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