Wednesday, October 10, 2012

October 8, 2012

Hey Mom!!!
Wow this General Conference was Amazing!! As for a favorite talk I think it would have to be either Elder Hollands or Elder Bednar they were both great!  Then again there was another that impacted me very much and it was Elder Eyering his talk about how he helped his kids reach their full potential and become the people that GOD would have them be. I have reflected on this a lot lately and I have been thinking about my brothers and how I can help them see their true potential and reach their full capacity. I have not only applied this to my brothers and to myself.  I have also applied it to my new companion. I have been pouring over the scriptures lately to find answers to questions I have and feel at jeopardy to find out.  At Conference I have received my answer that I must continue on with what I do know and expand my calling as it is and in GODS time I will receive my answer. It reminds me of a phrase that I got from George Durrant he said " Get in the Center of the Church, There are no blessings on the Perimeter." I have found that to be true as I have applied it the best I can by laying down my weapons of rebellion and becoming as a child submissive, humble, full of love and ready to do the will of the Father in all things. It sounds inspiring on paper until you step into the world of uncertainty and uneven ground where paper burns and is gone in a flash, but I see it is how we internalize it that makes it untouchable from the uneven, uncertain and fiery darts of the adversary that attack at every moment. Mom, I want you to know I know this Church is true and even though there might be hard times and testimony shaking moments, comments,and actions GOD will never let us fall we must remove the canopy that blocks the hand of the Lord, by getting in the center of the Church and Gospel. The Lord is hastening His work like the prophet said and we must be ready for that beautiful day when our loving Savior will come. And how great I am to have a mother who has taught to me walk in the ways of righteousness and trust in GOD. Thank you mom you are beautiful inside and out. I love you mom.
 My area is going great we are finding some great people and learning a lot together. My Spanish is coming along thanks to my companion. I am a lot further than I have ever been and it is continuing to increase. I think you can see that with how bad my spelling is!hahaha!!!  It has defiantly gotten a little worse!ha!!  This week I will have interviews with president. I am very excited and hope to gain even more guidance on how to become a better missionary. Mom please gather the family for family home evenings on a day that is convenient for y'all.  I know my brothers will benefit from your testimony as well as dads. Carl needs to prepare and be ready to bring progress to the work of the Lord. Use Preach My Gospel to hold these FHE's and the way to learn from it is Read, Discuss, Practice, Discuss the Practice and then, RE Practice. Chapter 10 is a great to chapter to learn how to teach.  Then help them apply that teaching structure to the lessons found in chapter 3. Really emphasize the 1st chapter and the purpose of a missionary.  A missionaries purpose is to "Invite others to come unto Christ through faith in Jesus Christ and his Atonement, Repentance, Baptism, Receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost and Enduring to the End.".  Help them see and find ways they can apply this same purpose in every day life.  Sorry mom if this letter is a little weird and different from all of my other letters I just want my brothers and my family to reach their full potential and apply all the talents God has given us as a Family. I love you mom I love my family I love the lord and I love my mission.  te amo madre!! tu hijo para siempre!!
Love Elder Henze

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