Sunday, March 3, 2013

February 25, 2013

Hey Mom,
That's awesome!! (the BS St room) So you have work today that's awesome! I hope those kids don't try anything stupid! They sometimes do. How have they been for you as you've subbed? As for missionary work how cool is that!! ha ha we are opening a couple new areas in the mission and I heard 58 new missions!!! That is so cool!! I've been wondering if they would take from some US missions and put them in other missions that are opening up so they can have some more experienced missionaries with greenies. We'll see. This week has been a bit difficult I don't know why but just haven't been on the ball lately.  This week that's all going to change I'm super excited we have a lot of good things planned for this week and we can't wait to get it done! We have a baptism date set for the 9th of March, so that will be great!! I've been trying to get used to my new companion. Things are going good. So we have been giving a lot of service lately and we have started to see people getting interested in what we are doing and why we are there so we have been able to answer a few questions which is nice;) So how do things seem to be going with getting the house all ready to sell?? As for the Body Exhibit that should be so awesome I wanted to go so bad to that! That was one reason I didn't want to drop out of that class, but it turned out for the best I'll have to go when I get home. Well I've got to get going but I hope you have a great week and a great time subbing! love you mom!!
 Love Elder Henze
Hey dad thanks!! I've needed someone to get in my face!ha.  We are working hard not as hard as I'd like. When you're literally attached to someone who has a little difficulty getting out and working like I have been taught it makes things a little more difficult. Never the less things are getting done.
I have really been blessed with great parents that are willing to tell me
how it is and show me how to work. something I have learned in the mission is it doesn't benefit anyone especially yourself when you talk about a companion you've had or are with. Anyway I'm really trying out here to do my best with what I have. Thanks for the money in the account I have been very hungry lately so it helps out a ton thanks dad. I love you dad! I can't express it enough, and I hope you have that love for mom that you have for me as well. So how's work? How's Papa? Have you met Daren Lee yet? Sorry, lots of questions ha ha. Thanks dad again for the Email I hope to someday be man you are.  I still have a long way to go! Take care dad and trust in God.  Make priorities and all will work out how it's supposed to. Thanks for spending all those times with me. We talked about the things that God will ask us at judgment day and I found it very interesting and I couldn't stop thinking about the times we went riding on the bikes all over Idaho and then over to Lake Tahoe. Those times are the most precious to me. The times that I got to spend with my dad and with my mom and brothers then the rest of the family!
Well this got a little long.ha ha! Hope you have a great week dad!

Love Elder Henze

February 18, 2013

Hey Happy Valentines Day as well.!!ha ha
So sounds like Carl had quite the experience with the glass breaking that's crazy.How's he doing now?
This week we had a devotional where a member of the 70 came and talked to us Elder Aduikiaitis. It was a very good devotional and I learned a lot. That should have been a huge sign for me to know that Satan is going to work you and sure enough he did. This weekend even though it was good was very difficult in a growing kind of a way I guess you could say. Well the "just serve" is going good. We gave 10 hrs of service this week and we are starting to get really in with the people we are serving which is really nice.  They love us and we love being there because they love us so it all works out!.ha How is everything going at home? Thank you for that quote and that awesome experience of prayer. That is so cool that God Loves us and will give us answers.. What a Gift!! So transfers are here I am staying here in Dallas First and will be the District Leader still. I hear they don't release you from a calling until you get it right so I must be missing something.ha ha! anyway I love it because I love serving other missionaries. This week we are getting 35 new missionaries in our mission the most we've had in FOREVER!! That's right!  The flood of young missionaries is here!! So time to get cracking!! It should be a lot of fun and it will be a great thing for the TDM, we will be growing in new companionship's by the tons! It is So awesome! Well mom I have to get going but I love ya tons and I hope the boys know I love them tons as well and that Life is to Precious to let a little thing get you down and mess up your diligence in being happy. Wow I just noticed the word "Being", this is coming to my thoughts right now so I'm going to write it. I think being is derived from the word to become or becoming so if we are to be happy continually then there is an element of becoming huh cool little thought. Anyway here we go again love ya tons have a great week!!
Love Elder Henze
Hey dad, love ya tons! I'm glad Carl is doing good. You scared the crap out of me by telling me he was trying to commit suicide!!  Well hope you have a great week and if that kid on the team keeps winning and not stretching it looks like I'll be taking his spot;)ha ha sucker!!ha ha well love ya dad and thank you for the hard work you do for the family and the hard work you have taught me in my life love ya and take care!!
Love Elder Henze
Hey dad,  good to hear from ya! No worries! I was late getting here. Everything happens for a reason right!ha ha anyway I'm glad to hear papa is doing a little better that sounds like quite a scare! Send him my best and I will keep him in my prayers even more. So this week was fun we did a lot of service and we got to know some good people. As for much else there was not much else but I am now riding bike a lot which is nice and I'm working out really well in the mornings. I have been getting a lot of strength back which is really nice and the tone is coming back as well so I'm happy about that. This last few days I have really learned a lot about how dependent on the Lord I am and how if I am not, then the load of the work especially being a leader is very heavy and stressful. I don't think I've been this stressed out in a long time and to be honest I wouldn't mind it if I never was I love ya tons thanks for the help your giving papa I'm sure he appreciates it a lot. And I bet you'll be full time in no time! love ya dad and have a great week.
Love Elder Henze

February 11, 2013

Hey Hey!!
BRO YOU'RE AWESOME!!!!!! PROPS TO YA!!! I know you would have taken the tournament no problem, and you did! The way you handled yourself brother is the way a champion handles the obstacles that arise in the path way to victory. You need not be ashamed because the medal of gold is not around your neck.  You should raise your head high because the mantle of a champion has been bestowed upon you through your acts. The mantle of a champion is worth so much more than a nice painted gold medal, it is a lifestyle that lasts even after the closing Ceremony of a tournament. Never forget that! I love you bro!! KIA KAHA!!
Hey mom!!
How ya doing!!? This week for me has been a little down and I'm not sure why but everything is for a reason and now I have learned and need to adjust to the waves that are coming in. So this week we did service at a thrift store and man that was pretty fun! I had a good time! It was so nice to work like that and give meaningful service while being around people who are grateful for us and what we do. So how is everything going at home with packing and substituting (I hope I spelled that right haha)? Well mom I don't have tons to talk about today I'm sorry this letter will probably only be a paragraph but I want you to know I love you and I want you to know I'm not perfect,.... with that said I do want you to know I am doing what I can to be a good person and even more a Son of God and of Wonderful Earthly Parents. I love you mom and hope you have a good week!!

Love Always YOUR SON Elder Henze

February 4, 2013

Hello Family!!
This week was definately a crazy one and one that has really impressed on my mind a couple of questions such as, why am I here? and why do I do what I do? Let me explain a little before I answer these questions that have called up my thoughts. On Thursday my companion Elder Andrus had a doctors appointment where he found out he has arthritis in his knee. The same knee that he had surgery on about a year ago. This came as a punch to the face but what added more to the already hard news was that in about 5 to 10 years he would need to have a total knee surgery because right now he has a knee of a 50 year old. We asked about physical therapy and the doctor said that if he were to get physical therapy he would not have to get a total knee surgery for 15 to 20 years. We left the appointment and discussed his future, we both came to the tough decision that for him to do physical therapy and live up to the qualifications as a missionary was not an option. He talked to Pres. Durrant and he agreed. The next day Elder Andrus got a call from President Durrant that he will be going home on Saturday and to pack his bags, that he has served as best as he could but that it is time to get your health in order and move on. It has been quite a wild ride he has had as a missionary and one that will keep him telling stories for years. This is the best thing for him. All of this has led me to think just really how easy it is to hang up the towel and walk away, and how elect we must be to serve as Representatives of Jesus Christ. Yesterday at church we were asked one question and it was, "Why do we do what we do?" this has really led me to think, is it because of Fear, maybe it's because of Duty. Both are understandable and both I think are building blocks to what really should be the reason to why we do what we do, and it is said beautifuly in ST John 21:15 where Christ asks Simon Peter, Do You LOVE ME. Do I do this because I love God? or because I think it is my Duty or out of Fear of what might be thought of me if I don't? The real reason we should do anything is because we love God. Now doing things because it's our Duty is good but not correct if it is not done because of your love for God. "The Crowning characteristic of love is always LOYALTY" (Jeffery R. Holland) When we Love God we will be loyal to our Creator and the Duty he has intrusted to us, whatever it may be. So I answer these two questions that have plagued my mind after much thought and prayer, I do what I do and I am here because I love God. No wonder it is the first comandment. I love this gospel, the spirit, the knowlege I have gained through the Holy Ghost and the wonderful plan of happiness that permits me to live with my family forever, and the love that I have for my Savior and my God. I love ya'll so much and I hope ya'll have a wonderful week.  Take a moment to reflect on these questions as I have done, then evaluate and adjust yourself accordingly to that which God wants, and that is your LOVE.
Elder Henze

January 28, 2013

Hey Mom
That is so tight!!! Send him my best!! (Ben Knight being in Panama on his mission). Well this week was pretty good we worked as much as we could which wasn't as much as I'd like. My companion has some health issues,and I'm fine to accomodate a little but we still have to work. So we did.  I pushed him. Hopefully he will get feeling a little better and we can start blessing more peoples lives. So sorry this is so early in the morning but we have some other things we have to do today. Although I do want to share a really cool experience that we had with the "Just Serve" element that we have in the mission now. So this week we went to a Methodist Church and offered to be of service to them. They were shocked, and well they put us to work. There was a man setting up chairs for a thing they were going to have which is like a fireside. I'll tell ya, I had no idea what goes into setting up chairs! I mean they have to be measured out from how far away from the other row and all sorts of things.  It was funny and the guy was really nice. Then he asked from what denomination are we, we told him the Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day Saints. He said oh ya, I think I know that church.  My companion said ya we're the Mormons! haha!!! The guy went quiet for a little while.  I think he was shocked that we weren't ravenous Bible bashing 20 wives kinda people. A couple minutes passed by and he began to talk to us some more after I think he had processesed who we really are.ha! Then a little later when we were almost done, another guy came in and introduced himself to us. He turns out to be a little higher up in that church and he had some great questions and we were able to identify them by the answers he would give back to us as we told him our little stories on how we got to the mission. I told him after I graduated I came out. He said so they wanted you out here before ya did anything else huh?  I said I chose to come out before I did anything else, its a voluntary act to serve a mission. He said since when did the Church do that?  It hasn't always been like that, and I said well ya it has been. He was taken aback. My companion and I explained a little bit more and then left on really good terms with this gentleman. The first gentlman actually gave us a tour of the church! It has the biggest stained glass chapel in the United States or the World something like that and George Bush goes to that church.  As well they have a baptismal font outside, it was pretty cool. Oh and the best part they even have a STARBUCKS in the church!!hahaha It was a really cool experience! I loved it and the people there loved us as well. We had some good conversations and learned how to set up chairs like a pro!! ha I love this work!  It is so much fun and I love getting to know people of other faiths, because I think we think of them sometimes in the same light that they see us; Horrible, blood sucking, 20 wives, Jose Smith lovers. When really we're not and they aren't as bad as we think sometimes so it was a great learning experience and so much fun! I had a smile on the whole time, even when the gentleman would fix my rows.ha!! Well mom I love ya tons and I hope you have a great week and all goes well keep strong and pushing along! And don't forget Keep Smilling;)!!! love ya!!
Love Elder Henze

January 21, 2013

Hey mom!!
 Hey well I'm sorry this isn't going to be too long but maybe I can get on tomorrow because we had meetings yesterday and today so my prep day has been crazy! I sent dad some stuff so if you want you can have him read it to you and I will hopefully get to you tomorrow and if not don't worry I'm good and the Lord will provide for the family and for me. I love ya'll so much, oh and I had a question about Ben Knight how is he doing?? And where is he at? Well take care I will talk to you later. Love Ya
Love Elder Henze

Hey dad
 It's going well here, I love it and this new oportunity to serve more missionaries is awesome!! The training I gave on Friday was good I thought. I was pretty nervous but I felt like I gave it well. Then this weekend we had a huge meeting, we are going to be testing a new mission technique here in Dallas. It is one of 2 missions in the world that are testing this technique and I am so pumped!!! It is called "just serve" and we are going to be doing tons of service each week and that will be a huge part of our focus now from the hours of 10am to 5pm when people are at work and it's less effective to knock doors. This program is what I have been thinking about doing in my companionship but this is on a whole other level, it's crazy! I'll have to tell you more about it when it starts getting going more. But this is so cool to be a part of God hastening his work! I know your going to find a job dad, God has been guiding our family so you will find a job. Just keep doing what is right and the Lord will have to belss you D&C 130: 20-21. Well dad I got to get going but I love you so much and I hope your week is great! Love Ya DAD!!!!
Love Elder Henze

January 14, 2013

Hey Mom!!
You're right it's TRANSFERS!!!!! I will be going to the city and will be the District Leader, I'm pretty nervous but I think I'm more excited than anything!! I have been in this area for 6 months and I can't tell ya'll how much I love the people here in this ward.  I can't wait to come back some day and get to say hi to all the wonderful people!! I had interviews with president this week and it was really good. I got to tell him that ya'll are moving and the how it's all working out and it was just a really good interview.
So Dad's out in Boise looking for a job. I can only imagine how many places have his applications!!haha dad will find work soon I have no doubt of that. It came to my head today that when you get there if you still want to work you could probably work with Auntie Julie at the UPS store;) Just a thought;)haha Well I'm sure it is tough not having dad at home but it's for the greater good and better well being of the family. Think of it like God and Jesus Christ I'm sure God missed his Son tremendously, especially when he saw what the Jews did to him, and he wouldn't intervine even though his love is even greater than what we can comprehend because he knew exactly how much better our lives would be and how many of his children would be able to make it back to live with him because of this sacrifice. I know that the family is being led by God, and the greatest things come with the greatest sacrifice.  You bet ya I'll fast for ya'll I'm all over it.
So today and tomorrow are your first 2 days as a sub. Boy O Boy!! you got it mom weiled that paddle!!;)hahahaha you'll do great! I love ya mom! Well I best get going now but I hope you have a great week and keep your head up the 6 months will go by in a flash and the family will be together again. Keep Smilling;)
Love Elder Henze
PS this is my new Address:
3443 Mahanna #1311
Dallas TX 75209

Hey Dad!!
Dad I can Only imagine how hard your working to find a job and I
know you will be blessed for your efforts!! So this week I received some
news, I will be changing where I'm at. I will be moving to down town Dallas and will be the District Leader there. I'm really excited and I can't wait to serve my fellow missionaries more. I'll send Lene' an Email.
I got an email from Darcy today too so I will have to get to her,haha! I'm glad papa is getting better and I'm sure having you there is really helping out a ton! Keep praying dad it's like hunting when we haven't gone out to scout, pray and be lead where you need to be and it will be right. I love you so much dad and I can't thank you enough for the example
you are to me and for the hard work you are doing. Know that I love you and I pray for you always!

Love Elder Henze


January 7, 2013

Hey Mom
WOW! Way news a whopping -22 and I'm freezing at 47 hahaha!! Well this week has been a goood one, this morning I was reading over my patriarchal blessing and I can't begin to tell you how much I have learned about what God wants for me and what I must do. It's the greatest when you learn things from the spirit and when you follow it, it turns out to be the answer to someones prayer.  Mom i can't tell you how much I have prayed for the family that ya'll will be guided to do what the Lord wants and that dad will be able to be used as that instrument that God so desperately needs in this day and age. The move does come as a shock to me but one of sadness or happiness I can't quite say. But this I will tell you Mom, I don't feel any Doubt, that this is what God wants for our family, this to me has been the answer to my prayers. As you all keep the comandments and continue to read the Book of Mormon on a regular day to day basis and follow the Spirit, Dad will find a good Job and He will be blessed with the things he needs to take care of the family I PROMISE YOU THAT!!!
Changing gears here, that is way cool to hear that Emily is going to TEXAS:) Spanish speaking!!!! Whoop Whoop!! That is so cool!! Give her my best and tell her to get tips from her brother and share them with me;)haha! By the way how is Lexie doing?? I haven't heard from her in a while and I was a lil curious why? Could you find out how she is doing for me and let her know I miss her and send my love, as well to her family!!;) well mom I love you I hope you have a great week and keep your head up! You're the best!!
Love Elder Henze
Hey Dad!!
Sounds like a new years started off right to me;) Dad I can't tell you how blessed I am to have you as my dad and Janet henze as my mom! This decision ya'll have made has come as an answer to my prayers. I can feel the great plans God has for you and the wonderful experiences that will come with this. Well dad I don't have much to say except I glory in my God! I think in Alma 26:11-12 can sum up for you the way I feel. I was reading my patriarchal blessing today and I read this part that said " You have been born of NOBLE PARENTS!" I couldn't Agree More. I love you dad and I know wherever you go in the Lord is where you need to be. I feel a lot of peace with this decision ya'll have made, the peace that only comes from the Spirit and is kindled with truth. I love you dad and I can't thank you for all you have done for me in my life.  It is too big of a debt to repay but I will do my best, of that I can promise you! I must get going now but I hope you have a great week and remember your father in heaven is watching over you. Carls Scripture sums it up great Joshua 1:9:)
Love Elder Henze
Until We Meet Again Dad!

December 31, 2012

Hey mom!! I can't believe the weeks already over!! and Nic is engaged!!!!!! holy crap!! Anyway, I'm glad y'all had a great Christmas and I was so grateful for the opportunity to talk to all y'all! Send Ronnie my love I miss that guy and I can't tell you how much he has helped me in the mission. I wasn't able to talk to Danny unfortunately. I hope he's doing good I feel bad he couldn't hear me and had to go. Please let him know I love him too! So today it is raining and we get to bike to the library 2 miles away!! Yahoo! Oh and that book, I gave y'all the wrong name it's called "Day of Defence" it's sweet! As for the baptism, it went really well. The mans wife came and she really liked it so we will start teaching her soon!:) I'll send you a picture. He is a big guy about my height and Danny's build but a little fatter. He's huge but all it took was once and it was good! It was a great experience. I haven't been in that font for a while and it defiantly has given me a different respect for the sacredness of what we do. After I said his name I forgot the rest of the prayer, which is funny because I have said the prayer out loud and in my head about 10000 times and about 100 times just in that day! ha ha but the Lord stepped in and I just let muscle memory pretty much take over and I said it perfect. It was just a great experience! Well mom I love you so much and I'm so glad y'all are doing good and having a good time. I hope you got my message if you could loosen the strings on my guitar because I forgot to and if it sits for a long time with the strings tight the neck will bow and that won't be good. Please give Carl my best WAY TO GO BRO!!!!!! that is way cool!! good job! that's about all I got mom but I hope y'all have a great day and week and I can't wait to hear from you next week! Love ya mom!!
Love Elder Henze


December 17, 2012

Hey mom!! how ya doing!! It sounds like Carl is tearing it up!!!!!!! That a boy! As well as all the other news I'm glad y'all are keeping up with FHE and the the boys are doing good and y'all are going on the Trek!! That will be way cool!! As for this week it has been good.  I can't believe it's been a year!! It went by so fast! I did hear about the shooting and I felt like Mormon when his people were falling because of the wickedness of the people. It has made me sick thinking about so I've been doing my best not to but I'm glad that we have a Savior who has paid the price for our little ones. Well last night there was a Christmas choir thing and that was really cool! But right before the choir thing there were 2 people hit while riding bikes.  The street had tons of blood on it and the members were freaking out thinking it was us.  I couldn't tell you how happy I was to tell people we are all okay. The choir thing happened about 30min later and I just couldn't help thinking about how we are in there with our families and enjoying the wonderful music and the birth of Christ while there is a family who is receiving the news about their son being killed while riding his bike. How short is this life. Something I have found really beautiful is whenever a Hispanic prays, one of the first things they pray for is another day to live. How right they are how wonderful is it that we have another day to live and enjoy the journey. Well mom I have to get going but I love you SO much and I hope that you have a great week. My plan is to Skype with y'all so I might call y'all first then set up Skype or I'll let ya know more next week I'm not to sure just yet but be ready with Skype.
  I am so grateful to hear that Hermana McKee is coming out of the coma and what a great miracle that is if you get a chance read Mormon 9 it talks about miracles and i just love it!! Please keep sending them my love!! I love you mom!!
Love Elder Henze
Hey paps sounds like Carl tore it up! That is great to hear! Well dad sounds like the trek is singing your song big guy hop to it!ha ha I've been working hard out here my companion tells me he has never been this exhausted in his mission;)ha ha! At least I'm doing something right.ha ha! well paps I got to get going we're looking to go to down town Dallas today and I'll be seeing Mr Edwards there as well so that will be cool. Well dad I love ya tons and I hope you have a good week. I will defiantly keep you in my prayers and even throw up a couple more your way!! There is a talk that was given in the last general conference that I think you should read if you get the chance. It's by Dieter F. Uchdorf called " Of Regrets and Resolutions" its a great talk and it talks about making the best of our lives I love it and i think you might find some peace in it. Well paps take it easy love ya and have a great week!!
Love Elder Henze

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