Sunday, March 3, 2013

February 25, 2013

Hey Mom,
That's awesome!! (the BS St room) So you have work today that's awesome! I hope those kids don't try anything stupid! They sometimes do. How have they been for you as you've subbed? As for missionary work how cool is that!! ha ha we are opening a couple new areas in the mission and I heard 58 new missions!!! That is so cool!! I've been wondering if they would take from some US missions and put them in other missions that are opening up so they can have some more experienced missionaries with greenies. We'll see. This week has been a bit difficult I don't know why but just haven't been on the ball lately.  This week that's all going to change I'm super excited we have a lot of good things planned for this week and we can't wait to get it done! We have a baptism date set for the 9th of March, so that will be great!! I've been trying to get used to my new companion. Things are going good. So we have been giving a lot of service lately and we have started to see people getting interested in what we are doing and why we are there so we have been able to answer a few questions which is nice;) So how do things seem to be going with getting the house all ready to sell?? As for the Body Exhibit that should be so awesome I wanted to go so bad to that! That was one reason I didn't want to drop out of that class, but it turned out for the best I'll have to go when I get home. Well I've got to get going but I hope you have a great week and a great time subbing! love you mom!!
 Love Elder Henze
Hey dad thanks!! I've needed someone to get in my face!ha.  We are working hard not as hard as I'd like. When you're literally attached to someone who has a little difficulty getting out and working like I have been taught it makes things a little more difficult. Never the less things are getting done.
I have really been blessed with great parents that are willing to tell me
how it is and show me how to work. something I have learned in the mission is it doesn't benefit anyone especially yourself when you talk about a companion you've had or are with. Anyway I'm really trying out here to do my best with what I have. Thanks for the money in the account I have been very hungry lately so it helps out a ton thanks dad. I love you dad! I can't express it enough, and I hope you have that love for mom that you have for me as well. So how's work? How's Papa? Have you met Daren Lee yet? Sorry, lots of questions ha ha. Thanks dad again for the Email I hope to someday be man you are.  I still have a long way to go! Take care dad and trust in God.  Make priorities and all will work out how it's supposed to. Thanks for spending all those times with me. We talked about the things that God will ask us at judgment day and I found it very interesting and I couldn't stop thinking about the times we went riding on the bikes all over Idaho and then over to Lake Tahoe. Those times are the most precious to me. The times that I got to spend with my dad and with my mom and brothers then the rest of the family!
Well this got a little long.ha ha! Hope you have a great week dad!

Love Elder Henze

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