Sunday, March 3, 2013

January 14, 2013

Hey Mom!!
You're right it's TRANSFERS!!!!! I will be going to the city and will be the District Leader, I'm pretty nervous but I think I'm more excited than anything!! I have been in this area for 6 months and I can't tell ya'll how much I love the people here in this ward.  I can't wait to come back some day and get to say hi to all the wonderful people!! I had interviews with president this week and it was really good. I got to tell him that ya'll are moving and the how it's all working out and it was just a really good interview.
So Dad's out in Boise looking for a job. I can only imagine how many places have his applications!!haha dad will find work soon I have no doubt of that. It came to my head today that when you get there if you still want to work you could probably work with Auntie Julie at the UPS store;) Just a thought;)haha Well I'm sure it is tough not having dad at home but it's for the greater good and better well being of the family. Think of it like God and Jesus Christ I'm sure God missed his Son tremendously, especially when he saw what the Jews did to him, and he wouldn't intervine even though his love is even greater than what we can comprehend because he knew exactly how much better our lives would be and how many of his children would be able to make it back to live with him because of this sacrifice. I know that the family is being led by God, and the greatest things come with the greatest sacrifice.  You bet ya I'll fast for ya'll I'm all over it.
So today and tomorrow are your first 2 days as a sub. Boy O Boy!! you got it mom weiled that paddle!!;)hahahaha you'll do great! I love ya mom! Well I best get going now but I hope you have a great week and keep your head up the 6 months will go by in a flash and the family will be together again. Keep Smilling;)
Love Elder Henze
PS this is my new Address:
3443 Mahanna #1311
Dallas TX 75209

Hey Dad!!
Dad I can Only imagine how hard your working to find a job and I
know you will be blessed for your efforts!! So this week I received some
news, I will be changing where I'm at. I will be moving to down town Dallas and will be the District Leader there. I'm really excited and I can't wait to serve my fellow missionaries more. I'll send Lene' an Email.
I got an email from Darcy today too so I will have to get to her,haha! I'm glad papa is getting better and I'm sure having you there is really helping out a ton! Keep praying dad it's like hunting when we haven't gone out to scout, pray and be lead where you need to be and it will be right. I love you so much dad and I can't thank you enough for the example
you are to me and for the hard work you are doing. Know that I love you and I pray for you always!

Love Elder Henze


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