Sunday, March 3, 2013

February 11, 2013

Hey Hey!!
BRO YOU'RE AWESOME!!!!!! PROPS TO YA!!! I know you would have taken the tournament no problem, and you did! The way you handled yourself brother is the way a champion handles the obstacles that arise in the path way to victory. You need not be ashamed because the medal of gold is not around your neck.  You should raise your head high because the mantle of a champion has been bestowed upon you through your acts. The mantle of a champion is worth so much more than a nice painted gold medal, it is a lifestyle that lasts even after the closing Ceremony of a tournament. Never forget that! I love you bro!! KIA KAHA!!
Hey mom!!
How ya doing!!? This week for me has been a little down and I'm not sure why but everything is for a reason and now I have learned and need to adjust to the waves that are coming in. So this week we did service at a thrift store and man that was pretty fun! I had a good time! It was so nice to work like that and give meaningful service while being around people who are grateful for us and what we do. So how is everything going at home with packing and substituting (I hope I spelled that right haha)? Well mom I don't have tons to talk about today I'm sorry this letter will probably only be a paragraph but I want you to know I love you and I want you to know I'm not perfect,.... with that said I do want you to know I am doing what I can to be a good person and even more a Son of God and of Wonderful Earthly Parents. I love you mom and hope you have a good week!!

Love Always YOUR SON Elder Henze

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