Sunday, March 3, 2013

February 4, 2013

Hello Family!!
This week was definately a crazy one and one that has really impressed on my mind a couple of questions such as, why am I here? and why do I do what I do? Let me explain a little before I answer these questions that have called up my thoughts. On Thursday my companion Elder Andrus had a doctors appointment where he found out he has arthritis in his knee. The same knee that he had surgery on about a year ago. This came as a punch to the face but what added more to the already hard news was that in about 5 to 10 years he would need to have a total knee surgery because right now he has a knee of a 50 year old. We asked about physical therapy and the doctor said that if he were to get physical therapy he would not have to get a total knee surgery for 15 to 20 years. We left the appointment and discussed his future, we both came to the tough decision that for him to do physical therapy and live up to the qualifications as a missionary was not an option. He talked to Pres. Durrant and he agreed. The next day Elder Andrus got a call from President Durrant that he will be going home on Saturday and to pack his bags, that he has served as best as he could but that it is time to get your health in order and move on. It has been quite a wild ride he has had as a missionary and one that will keep him telling stories for years. This is the best thing for him. All of this has led me to think just really how easy it is to hang up the towel and walk away, and how elect we must be to serve as Representatives of Jesus Christ. Yesterday at church we were asked one question and it was, "Why do we do what we do?" this has really led me to think, is it because of Fear, maybe it's because of Duty. Both are understandable and both I think are building blocks to what really should be the reason to why we do what we do, and it is said beautifuly in ST John 21:15 where Christ asks Simon Peter, Do You LOVE ME. Do I do this because I love God? or because I think it is my Duty or out of Fear of what might be thought of me if I don't? The real reason we should do anything is because we love God. Now doing things because it's our Duty is good but not correct if it is not done because of your love for God. "The Crowning characteristic of love is always LOYALTY" (Jeffery R. Holland) When we Love God we will be loyal to our Creator and the Duty he has intrusted to us, whatever it may be. So I answer these two questions that have plagued my mind after much thought and prayer, I do what I do and I am here because I love God. No wonder it is the first comandment. I love this gospel, the spirit, the knowlege I have gained through the Holy Ghost and the wonderful plan of happiness that permits me to live with my family forever, and the love that I have for my Savior and my God. I love ya'll so much and I hope ya'll have a wonderful week.  Take a moment to reflect on these questions as I have done, then evaluate and adjust yourself accordingly to that which God wants, and that is your LOVE.
Elder Henze

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