Sunday, March 3, 2013

February 18, 2013

Hey Happy Valentines Day as well.!!ha ha
So sounds like Carl had quite the experience with the glass breaking that's crazy.How's he doing now?
This week we had a devotional where a member of the 70 came and talked to us Elder Aduikiaitis. It was a very good devotional and I learned a lot. That should have been a huge sign for me to know that Satan is going to work you and sure enough he did. This weekend even though it was good was very difficult in a growing kind of a way I guess you could say. Well the "just serve" is going good. We gave 10 hrs of service this week and we are starting to get really in with the people we are serving which is really nice.  They love us and we love being there because they love us so it all works out!.ha How is everything going at home? Thank you for that quote and that awesome experience of prayer. That is so cool that God Loves us and will give us answers.. What a Gift!! So transfers are here I am staying here in Dallas First and will be the District Leader still. I hear they don't release you from a calling until you get it right so I must be missing something.ha ha! anyway I love it because I love serving other missionaries. This week we are getting 35 new missionaries in our mission the most we've had in FOREVER!! That's right!  The flood of young missionaries is here!! So time to get cracking!! It should be a lot of fun and it will be a great thing for the TDM, we will be growing in new companionship's by the tons! It is So awesome! Well mom I have to get going but I love ya tons and I hope the boys know I love them tons as well and that Life is to Precious to let a little thing get you down and mess up your diligence in being happy. Wow I just noticed the word "Being", this is coming to my thoughts right now so I'm going to write it. I think being is derived from the word to become or becoming so if we are to be happy continually then there is an element of becoming huh cool little thought. Anyway here we go again love ya tons have a great week!!
Love Elder Henze
Hey dad, love ya tons! I'm glad Carl is doing good. You scared the crap out of me by telling me he was trying to commit suicide!!  Well hope you have a great week and if that kid on the team keeps winning and not stretching it looks like I'll be taking his spot;)ha ha sucker!!ha ha well love ya dad and thank you for the hard work you do for the family and the hard work you have taught me in my life love ya and take care!!
Love Elder Henze
Hey dad,  good to hear from ya! No worries! I was late getting here. Everything happens for a reason right!ha ha anyway I'm glad to hear papa is doing a little better that sounds like quite a scare! Send him my best and I will keep him in my prayers even more. So this week was fun we did a lot of service and we got to know some good people. As for much else there was not much else but I am now riding bike a lot which is nice and I'm working out really well in the mornings. I have been getting a lot of strength back which is really nice and the tone is coming back as well so I'm happy about that. This last few days I have really learned a lot about how dependent on the Lord I am and how if I am not, then the load of the work especially being a leader is very heavy and stressful. I don't think I've been this stressed out in a long time and to be honest I wouldn't mind it if I never was I love ya tons thanks for the help your giving papa I'm sure he appreciates it a lot. And I bet you'll be full time in no time! love ya dad and have a great week.
Love Elder Henze

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