Sunday, March 3, 2013

January 21, 2013

Hey mom!!
 Hey well I'm sorry this isn't going to be too long but maybe I can get on tomorrow because we had meetings yesterday and today so my prep day has been crazy! I sent dad some stuff so if you want you can have him read it to you and I will hopefully get to you tomorrow and if not don't worry I'm good and the Lord will provide for the family and for me. I love ya'll so much, oh and I had a question about Ben Knight how is he doing?? And where is he at? Well take care I will talk to you later. Love Ya
Love Elder Henze

Hey dad
 It's going well here, I love it and this new oportunity to serve more missionaries is awesome!! The training I gave on Friday was good I thought. I was pretty nervous but I felt like I gave it well. Then this weekend we had a huge meeting, we are going to be testing a new mission technique here in Dallas. It is one of 2 missions in the world that are testing this technique and I am so pumped!!! It is called "just serve" and we are going to be doing tons of service each week and that will be a huge part of our focus now from the hours of 10am to 5pm when people are at work and it's less effective to knock doors. This program is what I have been thinking about doing in my companionship but this is on a whole other level, it's crazy! I'll have to tell you more about it when it starts getting going more. But this is so cool to be a part of God hastening his work! I know your going to find a job dad, God has been guiding our family so you will find a job. Just keep doing what is right and the Lord will have to belss you D&C 130: 20-21. Well dad I got to get going but I love you so much and I hope your week is great! Love Ya DAD!!!!
Love Elder Henze

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