Monday, April 23, 2012

April 16, 2012

Hola!! Wow time is just flying out here! This last week was good for the most part. We are really trying to work with the members, and that is going great! Our members are so nice. We had an appointment set up and everything so we invited a member and his wife to the appointment, and they came. They are converts and they are so great. Well the apointment fell through, so our back up plan was to go have a lesson with Eduardo.  We went there and it turns out something came up and he wasn't able to be there, so we had 2 appointments fall through.  Our great Members that were with us were just happy to be with us and they wanted to know what they could do to help more.  It just made me think a little about how grateful I am to have the members I do, also the friends that I have and a companion that is Peruvian. Seriously I am so grateful for the members of the branch and for their willingness to help.
  This week has been a lot of follow ups on possibles and knocking doors. I think it's so funny when you hear a ton of rucous inside a house then you knock and everything goes quiet.ha! But I think the one I love the most that really makes me laugh is when you hear a dog barking inside and in mid bark the dog gets quiet.haha!! Oh the good times of knocking doors,ha!  Well my Spanish is coming, but slow. I will say having a companion that speaks the language is a help.  I just need to be patient and diligent in doing what I can. Well that's all I have for this week. Hope all is well at home. I love you all and pray for you always!
Love Elder Henze

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

April 3, 2012

Hey mom I can't tell you how sorry I am about last weeks short letter. So I will make it up some how,ha!  Last week was really really busy with getting everything switched around with my new companion and what not. My new companion is Elder Virrueta and he is from Peru. He speaks to me in Spanish a lot so it helps me out a ton, so hopefully by the end of this transfer I will be speaking Spanish more fluently:) I'm sorry to hear about the buisness and the tough decision you had to make. I hope conference helped give you the comfort you needed and answered all your questions cuz I know it did for me. This last week has been crazy! I have been pretty much in charge because my companion is new to the area and I have to teach him where everything is and what we do over here.  So even though I am not labled senior companion I am and will be for a little while. So it's been stressful but I feel I have grown a lot. Things here are going good. We're trying to find new people and help the ones we have to progress to baptism. I have been so excited all week for General Conference I can't believe it's all ready over it makes me sad! Cuz it was soooooooooo good and I loved every minute of it!  It's like the SUPER BOWL for missionaries! It's awesome! 
 I want Carl to know that he had a big responsibility as a Preisthood holder and that it is the power of Heaven.  It is literally the Power of God!!  He has intrusted us with that great power, but like Uncle Sam says off of spider man "With great power comes great Responsibility", and I would add to that WORTHINESS! I can't tell you how much I regret the times I was not worthy to pass, bless, and partake of the Sacrament. And also how I shurked a lot of my preisthood duties.  I will be judged for this and if I could send a warning to my brothers, I would that you not make the same mistakes!  You are better than that! I know it, you know it, our parents know it and most of all our loving Heavenly Father knows it. If he didn't he would not have given you that sacred power. Also be both converted to the Gospel and Church because if one falters you can not stand on even ground and the great Destroyer called Satan will push you around and you will not withstand his mighty winds.
 I can't express enough how much I  love you all and how much I want to see ya'll succeed and magnify your calllings as Holders of the Priesthood.  Not is it only Gods glory, but mine and our parents, to see us succeed. Do not get caught up in the things of the world.  There is always time for the Lord and for his work.  Never forget that the greatest missionaries are the members! They are the ones who never give up. I have found that this is an even more difficult battle with satan than I thought.  Please always be on guard and ready to make the correct decision.
 Mom this can apply to you as well.  I loved that talk given by the Relief Society president and how great your resposability is as a mother and as a member of this church. Remember that you are called to lead out as a young womans leader, and as a mother to us. Thank you mom for all you have done for me and for setting me on the right path so that I can have the blessing that I so desperately needed and still need in my life. Remember that the strength of the church comes from the family.
 Well mom I best get going. I will probably be back on in a little while.  I have to go get a new car:)  I love you and I hope all is well.
Your son Elder Henze!
Hey mom!! I'm on again for a moment today.  I'm glad things are going well. Thank you for all of your prayers they have helped out so much!  Thank you for all you do I hope you enjoyed my letter  If you could tell Carl for me that losing your temper and letting your emotions get the best of him is the best way that satan can make him lose the spirit. Let him listen to that talk again on the internet that was given in conference about that. It was great, and it will bring him comfort I think, and you as well mom:) Well I best get going... umm I was told by Lisa to let you know that you need to update the Blog. hahahahaha how is that going? I don't even know I can't get on it. I never have time:(ha well mom I best get going I love you sooo much take care.
P.S. I found out I can SKYPE for Christmas and for Mothers day!!!! So make sure you're all set up for that when the time comes.:)
Love Elder Henze

March 12, 2012

Wow it sounds like it's been pretty crazy over there! haha I can only imagine! Ya, the daylight saving thing was news to me, we woke up at our regualar time and so we had to hurry up and get to church. ooops haha but this week was good for the most part. We have been teaching this one lil' family and they seem to be acccepting all that we teach very well.  At least that's what my companion says. Along with my testimony I don't say much because they ask some questions that I can't even understand and don't know how to answer in Spanish so it makes things a little interesting.
I'm way glad to hear about Luke and how well he's doing and also Carl. Holy cow, does Doezal think Carl is going to do as good as me? He put him in every event I did!! haha that's funny.
I'm really sorry to hear about Marci's dad passing away Idon't even know how to handle that so I'm sure she really doesn't know how.. that would be sooooooooo hard!
Send her my love and her family.
So mom hows the gym going?  How's Carl and Luke doing on the assignment I gave them to read the Book of Mormon and other helpful literature from the church? How's family home evening? I really hope dad gets switched to days that would be such a blessing!
Well mom, so with that story I have been trying to tell you we ran into this lady that met with the missionaries before but she was going to move because she didn't have enough to pay rent so she told the missionaries and so they never came back.  Two months later she saw them at the store and said hi and they didn't recognize her.  She was so embarrassed so she acted like she thought they were somone else and walked away. Well about 2 weeks after that, the same missionaries knocked onto her door and then they were like oh hey how ya doing? She was like good, but i'm not interested and it was because those same missionaries forgot about her and it broke her heart. It has been 3 years since she has talked to the missionaries because of that one mess up. So I'm glad I have the opportunity to teach her! She is really great but that just made me so sad that that happened to her. So anyway there you go that's the story.
Well mom I best get going I love you sooooo much and hope all is well with you let me know what some of your goals are and see what your striving for, and the boys and dad as well because i want to help in every way I can.
Oh and did danny get my lettter I wrote him when I was in the MTC?? Could you ask him and have him write me back if he wants,
well until next time mom!
LOVE  Elder Henze
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