Tuesday, April 3, 2012

March 12, 2012

Wow it sounds like it's been pretty crazy over there! haha I can only imagine! Ya, the daylight saving thing was news to me, we woke up at our regualar time and so we had to hurry up and get to church. ooops haha but this week was good for the most part. We have been teaching this one lil' family and they seem to be acccepting all that we teach very well.  At least that's what my companion says. Along with my testimony I don't say much because they ask some questions that I can't even understand and don't know how to answer in Spanish so it makes things a little interesting.
I'm way glad to hear about Luke and how well he's doing and also Carl. Holy cow, does Doezal think Carl is going to do as good as me? He put him in every event I did!! haha that's funny.
I'm really sorry to hear about Marci's dad passing away Idon't even know how to handle that so I'm sure she really doesn't know how.. that would be sooooooooo hard!
Send her my love and her family.
So mom hows the gym going?  How's Carl and Luke doing on the assignment I gave them to read the Book of Mormon and other helpful literature from the church? How's family home evening? I really hope dad gets switched to days that would be such a blessing!
Well mom, so with that story I have been trying to tell you we ran into this lady that met with the missionaries before but she was going to move because she didn't have enough to pay rent so she told the missionaries and so they never came back.  Two months later she saw them at the store and said hi and they didn't recognize her.  She was so embarrassed so she acted like she thought they were somone else and walked away. Well about 2 weeks after that, the same missionaries knocked onto her door and then they were like oh hey how ya doing? She was like good, but i'm not interested and it was because those same missionaries forgot about her and it broke her heart. It has been 3 years since she has talked to the missionaries because of that one mess up. So I'm glad I have the opportunity to teach her! She is really great but that just made me so sad that that happened to her. So anyway there you go that's the story.
Well mom I best get going I love you sooooo much and hope all is well with you let me know what some of your goals are and see what your striving for, and the boys and dad as well because i want to help in every way I can.
Oh and did danny get my lettter I wrote him when I was in the MTC?? Could you ask him and have him write me back if he wants,
well until next time mom!
LOVE  Elder Henze

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