Wednesday, June 20, 2012

June 11, 2012

Dear MOM!!
 Sounds like Carl is making quite the improvements that's good to hear!  I can't believe how fast the sports seasons go! I really have lost track of time out here, I almost forgot it has been 6 months. Man that is a long time! ha ha but it has gone by so fast!! Oh and transfers are coming up. I will find out this Saturday where I will be going or if I will be staying! We'll see. So I have some good news mom this weekend I was asked by Roman, one of our investigators, if I can baptize him on the 16th!  I'm so excited and so stinking nervous!! Not so much for the baptism part but for the confirmation part.  I really have to put my faith in the Lord that he will help me with that one.ha ha! Well soon this area will not be so down. We have 2 baptisms on the 16th and a baptism on the 23rd and on the 30th, if all goes well! So the Lord has really blessed us! I just hope I'm still here for the on on the 23 and the 30th. I don't know, I might be leaving, but we'll see!ha!  I can't wait to hear how girls camp goes mom.  I am so excited for you!! And Trevor, holy crap, already  got his mission call! That is crazy!!  I won't lie I am jealous that he gets to go to Mexico, I still really wish I was out of the country but that's probably not a good thing to think. I don't feel like my testimony is growing to much or if I'm even changing. I don't know, it's frustrating.  I feel like I'm so focused on Spanish I'm missing the miracles around me. I need to balance that better I think.  How is Danny I haven't heard from him in a while?? Oh and I was thinking about Stephan Burdick the other day.  What happened with him?  Is he a member yet? I should have referred him to the missionaries but I didn't really know how so it's really easy you can have Carl do it. Have him go to the missionaries and tell them where he lives and who he is and that is really about it.ha ha!  So if you could let me know how he is that would be nice:)
 This week we got to do some service and I got to trim some hedges and trim some trees or however you say that. That was way fun and the older couple we did it for is very well off with money, so they wouldn't let us leave without giving us snacks food oh and a 50 dollar gift card to Walmart!! For the love! ha ha! So I think I might save it for a rainy day when I run out of money and can't buy food ha ha! or maybe I'll buy that dumbbell I've been thinking about we'll see. ha ha! Well  I told y'all about a member who was in the hospital after having a really bad heart attack. Well he had a quadruple bypass which is horrible!! How crazy is that! Well, that went smoothly except now he is blind in his right eye. He is amazing.  He hasn't fussed once about it and he had quite the experience when they were working on his heart.  I will have to share with you one day that is quite interesting. Anyway this man is such a saint. It's amazing, the power we have on the earth to bless and heal the sick and afflicted both with the priesthood and with modern technology. Well mom I hope your girls camp goes well and I hope that cot works good for you!!:)  Mom I best get going. I love you a ton and I want you to know how grateful I am to have you as my mom!
P.S. if anyone is going to send me anything to the address here make sure it is sent by tomorrow or I probably wont get it, if I'm leaving. Just so y'all know
Love Elder Henze

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