Monday, June 18, 2012

May 21, 2012 - 2

Hey Dad
Thanks for the letter!ha ha I wouldn't worry too much about Carl's butt hitting me if I could see him arch better over the bar!!ha ha but that's great! I hope he reaches that goal! Sounds like mom and Luke had a good time!ha I can't wait to hear about the Snake and the Lizard that sounds pretty exciting!ha That's nice you didn't have to wear a coat to the track meet that was horrible when I went!!ha Oh the good old weather of Ely. I think my comp is sick and tired of me turning the temperature down to about 45 every night. ha ha I can't sleep when it's hot and I am just miserable when I can't sleep. So every morning when we wake up he is freezing hahahahahahaha!! Man I miss the nice cool weather.ha! Ohand you'll be happy to know I finally found someone here in Plano that has the same bike as me! I have been looking ever since I got here and I finally found it, so I had my companion stop the car and I took a picture. Well I could feel someones presence when I was taking the picture and looking at the bike, so I turned and looked up and sure enough there was a guy and his wife watching me. I kindly said "Well hello is this your bike Sir?" he replied in a little bit of a off guard reply "yes" I told him " It is an amazing machine I have one at home in Nevada." Then he realized I was not there to take his bike or anything so his wife went inside then he said he would be right back.  I waited, he came down to the bike where I was standing and we had a great talk about the bike and the trips I took with you and how much fun it was and how I saw a bear, and we just had a great conversation. He told me about a website that is way great to go check out if you have time, to let you know really anything you want to about the bike from everyone in the world that owns a V-Storm it's called so that should be pretty cool. So that was a great experience. Oh and I thought you would like to know the guy that fought in the Nagasaki Tournament ended up not placing and this is why. He fought his first 2 fights and just owned the guys! Well the 3rd person he fought was way big and way way good he said but he only lost by 1 point to his competitor. Well the Judges did a back ground check on the guy that our friend fought.  It turns out that the guy lied and cheated to get into a lower weight and skill bracket so that he could have a better chance of winning!! So that guy has been disqualified and kicked out of the Nagasaki Tournaments for life. This put our friend in a bad spot because the champion match had just happened when they found this out and they gave the guy the medal and everything already and they wouldn't let him fight the guy who won so they didn't let him have a shot at first place!  He did receive a lot of recognition from a lot of other trainers for the fight he lost because I guess this guy was way big and way good and our friend lost by just 1 point so they saw how good our friend is and how dedicated he is so that was really good he is staying really positive about the whole thing.  In my book he won in every way. So that was way cool! Also I was coming out of Walmart the other day and this guy and I think his wife was loading things into the car when I saw a chiropractic table in his truck. I then asked are you a chiropractor and he said yes I am. I then had a good conversation with him about where he went to school and I got a card. So I might hit him up one day while I'm here. ha ha!  So there has been a lot of good things happening this week and I'm really grateful for all that has been going on here. We now have 4 baptism dates set so that is way way way exciting and they are awesome!! I will tell mom a story that she can share with you because I've got to go and write her so ask her about the man in the hospital. It's a great experience that happened to me this week. Well dad I love you tons and I hope you have a great time working and taking care of the family.

Love Elder Henze

Until We Meet Again

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