Monday, June 18, 2012

May 7 2012

Hey mom I know I'm emailing early but just so you know I am staying here in Plano again so it will be another 6 weeks, and I have the same companion as well. I will call you in the morning on Mothers day to let you know what time I can really call you and talk so if you don't answer don't worry I will leave a message for the time to be on skype so I can talk with ya'll:) Well this week was okay, Spanish is a pain but I have really been seing a lot of help from the Lord when I just quit worrying about it and focus on the part that I need to learn right at that moment.  Anyway, so we have been working with less actives this last little while and I think that is what we will continue to do because it works and we are getting to know some great people.  Also we have a few new investigators from it, with part members and also with referrals.  It is way good and we are seeing some good things happening so we hope that it keeps going.  We are teaching some teenagers of a part member family and they are way great! The only thing is they will be moving in July so we are doing our best to teach them everything and babtize them before they move. We will see what happens. Well mom I best get going but I love ya a ton and I can't wait to call you on Sunday!!

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