Tuesday, June 19, 2012

May 28, 2012

Hey Mom!! How ya doing today!!! Hope you had a great day! This week has been pretty good we have been seeing quite a few miracles happen here with families coming out of no where showing up at church on Sunday and wanting to know more!! It's Fantastic! Tons of blessings and I'm sooo grateful!! Well I've been thinking lately how is Kiley Dawn McKee? I've been wondering how she has been doing and I want to write her so if you could find out her info for me that would be great!!  Do you Remember the Book that Brother Gublers mom made for him? I was wondering if you could get me those stories and poems that he has? Could you thank Carl for the calender, I really like it!! So we have a couple baptism dates set with Roman and Issac. They are way great and I like them a lot! We played soccer with them today and with the whole branch I must say I did pretty darn good for being a gringo playing with a bunch of Mexicans!ha ha! They are way cool and we had a blast!! Now I wont lie and say I'm not sore! ha! I'm defiantly going to feel it in the morning!!ha ha! So this week has been great for us and we are really seeing the Lord work wonders here and I can't thank Him enough! Well mom I hope all is well at home and that family home evenings are happening and hope the boys are doing good in their sports and going to finish the year strong!!  Take care mom and I hope I hear from you next week. love you tons!!

Love Elder Henze

Hey thanks dad!!! for the emails! That's exciting you and mom drew out!! I was actually just talking to a member on Sunday about hunting and how I miss going into the mountains with my dad and hunting and just having a good old time! Man I miss those days! ha! But it's all good.  This week was pretty good we have had some miracles the last few weeks with families showing up that we don't know that just all of a sudden showed up and wanted to know about our church! I mean it has been so great and a huge blessing!!  I was thinking this week how is Jeff doing and how is your friend doing, the one we went and rode motorcycles with? I hope they're doing well. So y'all have been getting SNOW!! What the heck! How does that happen?ha ha! I guess that's just Ely for ya. Well dad I hope you have a great week and I miss ya a ton and the good times we had riding bikes and going hunting! Love ya tons dad have a great week!!

Love Elder Henze

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