Wednesday, June 20, 2012

June 4, 2012

Oh mom I love the pictures thank you so much!! Well time is a little limited today. We went out "mountain biking" and I must say man I miss getting out and sweating and bleeding, gosh home was nice!!ha ha! Well I just met the CEO of Cinemark! Yep that's right probably where you guys went and watched all those movies that I'm so jealous about! He has a way nice bike and he is soooo tight!!  The ride was good.  I had one pretty sweet crash! That is one thing I have to buy when I get home is a helmet camera so I can capture all of those awesome moments!!ha ha!  I'm glad Darcy did so great, that is fantastic!!  I love the pictures I think I said that but that's how much I love them!!  I did get the memory card back so no need to worry I think it will be a while until I send any back because ! bought a 2 16 and WOW!! I have a lot of space! They had a great deal so I had to!! ha!  Well mom I best get going I hope you like my pictures I sent you today. I hope you have a great week and you have so much to share with those young women you have no idea! Keep smiling mom!! Love you tons!!!!!!!!
Love Elder Henze

Until We Meet Again

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