Monday, July 30, 2012

July 23, 2012

 WOW sounds like y'all have been having quite the week !! Sorry to hear its been tough.   For me this week has been pretty good y'all have been on my mind more than usual so now I know why. I hope Carl is doing good I'm very curious to find out what happened with the camp. I'm glad he had a good time at EFY though. So this week we started out strong then dropped in the middle then picked back up a little but other than that middle part it was great. I actually have a pretty funny dog story this week.  Actually I have two.  The first one, we knocked this door and they opened up.  Well a little chiwawa (sp) came out and barking like crazy and then it stopped.  I put my hand down to let it smell my hand to understand all is good.  Well the little thing had some balls because it bit me.  Man if the owner wasn't there and if it drew blood I would have killed the thing right then and there!!! Stupid dog! Then the other one, we passed by this referral and they had a back gate that was locked and their front gate was a deck and the gate to that was nailed shut so we decided to go over the little gate that was about mid thigh to me.  So as my comp goes over I start to as well, Elder Wilson says oh no!!  I'm half way over and 3 giant rottweilers with nails that haven't been cut in years are flying towards us and we jumped back over faster than Houdini got out of a unlocked safe!!!!!!!!!!!  Well when we were safe I had to get a picture of these dogs and where we were so I could look back someday and laugh even harder!!! Ha ha so no worries all is well!  Well mom I have to get going I hope your doing good and all, is well with Carl! Well mom take care and talk to y'all next week.

Kia kaha mom!! 

Love Elder Henze 

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