Monday, July 30, 2012

July 30, 2012

Hey Hey Family!
So a lot has been happening this week. We have 2 baptisms set up for next week!  That's way exciting!!  Now here comes the transfer news.  I am being transferred again to a new area where I will be opening it up with another Elder and Oak Cliff south is no longer here.  Oak Cliff has been split in half and so now it's just east and west.  That is pretty crazy!  I'm way excited to be going to open a new area but I'm really going to miss this area.  I love it here in the Cliff!  I'll go where I need to go I guess.  Thank goodness I can come back to Oak Cliff for the baptism this next week.  I'm happy about that! Well there isn't much more on what happened this week except we had a ward fast and it was awesome to see the blessing come from it!!!!  Well family that is that for this week I have to get going because I have to get all packed and say all my goodbyes and what not. I love y'all so much I hope all is well with y'all!!

Love Elder Henze

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