Monday, November 26, 2012

November 26, 2012

Hey Hey MOM!!
OH WOW!! Talk about some good smoked turkey!! So this week was good we actually did really good!  It was one of our best weeks here in the area this transfer so that is really cool! Thanksgiving was a little bit of a drag on the work, nobody really wanted to hear anything. So that's fine, we just ate and helped out our members.  We helped one family in the ward put up their Christmas tree, that was fun! And a pain with all the lights, ijole!  It was a good time to spend with them. Oh and the next day that family's daughter got her mission call to California!! It was way cool to watch her open it! It was major de javooo (don't know how to spell that word.haha) . It was really cool. I'm so glad ya'll had a goood time in Boise. I wont lie, on Thanksgiving I was thinking about ya'll a lot and what I would be doing if I was at home with ya'll. Being away really helps ya see the things you really miss. Now trust me I miss watching some movies but if I had to choose just the things that mattered to me there wouldn't be anything besides my family and the time I can spend with them! I love you mom and family!!
I can't believe that Kylie's mom had a heart attack that is crazy! Please send her my best and call kylie and tell her I miss her and her mom is in my prayers!! And grandpa is doing better that is great news and pappa sounds like he's been staying busy which is good. OH, LEXIE MALMROSE IS GOING TO GET MARRIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is awesome! if that's her choice I know she took it to the Lord first, so she must be doing what the Lord wants. She's awesome. She would have made an awesome missionary too.!! As for FHE keep it up that is great to hear ya'll are doing good with that. Well mom I've got to get going but I love ya tons and I hope you all are blessed with what God has in store for ya'll.
Love Elder Henze
PS what order do I do the Insanity DvD's in? I forgot but the order I have been doing it in I'll tell ya what it's working goood and my comp is dying hahahahahahaha;)gotta love it!

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