Monday, February 18, 2013

December 3, 2012

Hey mom!!
Go Carl!! That is way cool!  I'm so proud of him! He's going to do great this year I can feel it! Oh and don't worry mom I'm staying here in Irving for another transfer. Transfers are tomorrow but transfer calls were on Saturday so I'm still here. By the time I leave here I will have had at least 6months! It's the longest I've stayed in one place! I must be missing someone or something so God needs me here for a little while longer. That is something I have learned this week; that God is behind this.  It's not anything or anyone else.  I am in Texas because that's where God wants me. I have much left to learn here in this huge state and many people to get to know. I have been faced with another great learning experience this week with my Spanish and I would just like to know when I'll finally get it right!!!!!hahahaha!  But I pray I'm where God wants me to be with that! I think he wants me to get myself in a different gear because a member the other day challenged me with his words. He said your Spanish is a little worse than your companions, and I of course took offense to that and said well brother he should have better Spanish than me he's been out way longer than me,ha ha!! Well lets just say that has reved my engine and I'm doing more than I was. I have forgiven this brother he gave us a ride to church in his 1966 Ford Mustang! Oh man that thing is sweet! I really want an old car like that to drive around and take out some dates when I get home. ha!  But that still is far in the future. I have much much much more to do before that time comes! By the way this is random but what is the recipe For EGG NOG?? It's so stinking expensive!!! Oh and could you send me a family pic for my wallet so I can show people when they ask about my awesome family?;) Well mom I best get going but I love ya a ton and I always look forward to reading your letters and please keep me in your prayers so I can get this Spanish stuff down. I love y'all so much!! Take care mom, love ya!
Love Elder Henze
Hey dad sorry last week I forgot to change the font, I hope you were able to read it all okay. As for the EMS training that is really cool that anyone even remembered I was with you last year.ha! It just tells you how cool of a Dad I have!ha! Speaking of an awesome dad.  Today after we did insanity together my comp and the ZL's (they have started to come over and do insanity with us now;)haha but after we worked out today we went and hit up Denny's for breakfast and we talked about our dads and how they used to discipline us hahahaha!!! Of course I have to say I had the best stories and man I didn't think I'd be so greatful for all the briused knees and blistered hands, until now;)haha!  I'm glad you disciplined us in the way you did and if anyone says contrary you can just say you were following the Bible. Cuz it says he who holds back his hand from punishing his child when needed doesn't love his child. It's something along those lines but man am I'm glad to see how much my dad loves me!! Thank you dad I can't thank you enough!! Well paps I got to get going but thanks for all the great words and for all you do. I can't wait to pay you back for what you've given me. I love ya Dad!
Love Elder Henze

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