Thursday, January 12, 2012

Time is flying...

O my goodness that letter you sent me was so funny i could not stop laughing!!! hahaha i guess you can chalk that hunting experience up to one of the funniest!! ha and also one of the scariest! how are they doing? i'll keep them in my prayers. Make sure you tell papa that story! So how did randy do in his fight?? and how is the basketball team doing?? I haven't gotten nana and papa's package yet but i hope to soon and i will write them for sure! man the time flys huh! can you believe i've been here for a month! i miss you a ton dad! I hope Carl is driving safe!haha!!  Man I'm going to miss this place so much when I leave I can't believe I only have another month here with my awesome comps. They are so cool they both play ball and they have helped my shot so much that now I'm pretty leathal on the arc as well as at post! It's been a great experience and they are such good examples to me and  I am going to miss them so much when I leave! I wrote Danny a letter last week so if you could call him and just see if he go it cuz I haven't recived anything back so  I wonder if he got it. Anyway dad I better get going I really hate this time limit on Email, it drives me crazy cuz I'm so slow at typing! I love you and I will hopefully hear from you soon.
Love Elder Henze
until we meet again

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