Thursday, January 12, 2012

Hey mom!! Love ya tons! Well this week has been going good I'm so glad to hear that the fitness center is going so well!! Thank you so much for the box of my stuff I am so excited!!ha!  Can you congratulate Carl for me and also Luke on his talk and Carl on his wrestling!  Let them both know including Ronnie that the tie they picked out for me is now my favorite, I love it!!  My P-Day is on Tuesdays. If you can pass the word along and I should be leaving here on the 13 or 14 of Febuary which is crazy to think about because a month has gone by so fast and I still have tons of Spanish and things to learn so we'll see what happens! I miss you guys so much, I pray for you every night! the time here flys!  There is a saying that the days feel like weeks and the weeks feel like days and I testify that is so true it is crazy to think it was a month ago that you dropped me off and how hard that was. My time here I think has helped me grow in ways that are unseen to me at this time.... so how's everything going with sports, how is the basketball team doing? I really hope that having Christine work for you will help you out cuz I knew you would be having a hard time with that! How has getting the kids everywhere they need to be going for you?  It must be nice having Carl be able to drive a little. That still blows my mind!! how was his trip back from Salt Lake did he have any problems on the road or anything? Has it even snowed up there yet!! We haven't gotten JACK!! I'm so bummbed!!HAHA!!  Oh, can you tell Carl thanks and I will send him my ipod as soon as i can and if he could get those songs for me I would really appreciate it. Well I've got to go I love you sooooooo much mom!!
 LOVE Elder Henze
until we meet again!!


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